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Have you ever wondered what a post-currency society would look like? 

What about a planet with one unified global government?

Maybe what comes after cell phones?

If you make tabletop  and live action roleplaying games, I invite you to consider these questions while making a new game! Your game might be in the sci-fi genre, but doesn't have to be. Mostly I want you to start with the question "What if...?" and go from there!


  • Submissions open January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
  • Late submissions will be accepted
  • Non-ranked
  • Submit as many games as you like
  • Design on your own or on a team
  • Analog/physical games (not video games)


    • No harassment or hate speech will be tolerated
    • Think about what the future of Earth might look- maybe in ten years, or a hundred, or a thousand
    • Don't worry about how humans get to this future, unless you want to
    • Feel encouraged to set a minimum price on your game of $3 or more


    Find me on Twitter @tenpenjenn or post questions here in the jam forum. 

    Cover and banner photo by NASA on Unsplash


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    An epistolary game of starship explorers
    A post-apocalyptic roleplaying game about life after mankind.
    An asymmetrcial ttrpg where players rotate through a cast to create a shared story.