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GLITCH's Immersion Program is a 2-week intensive course that embeds classrooms in digital game companies, public institutions, and universities. Cohorts travel around the northern region to learn about the game development pipeline while gaining exposure to opportunities and receiving valuable mentorship.

The Capstone Project challenges the cohort to build a game and design a business plan during a 24-hour game jam at GlitchHQ. Mentors will be onsite to offer advice to small teams and at the end of the weekend each group will pitch their project to a panel of judges for feedback. Presentations are open to the public; participants are encouraged to invite their friends and family to see their work!

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Discover a world of color, myth and perception
Navigate Bip through a world filling with shadow, avoiding enemies and staying in the light!
Just Keep Smiling!!!
A 2D Co-op Platformer with Pirates!
Ex-mafia with nothing to lose and everything to gain...