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An initiative to help motivate developers to finish their games.

Take any interesting idea you once worked on and take it one step closer to a complete game. 

There is no theme in this jam.

1) You must submit any previously developed game and improve on it some how. 

2) You must outline your improvements In your game description or create a devlog. 

Ranking and Rating will be open to the public. 


  • Fun Factor- How much fun did you have playing this game?
  • Potential- Is this game capable of being a commercial product?

Note: Cheating will not make your game better than it really is.

No matter what obstacles come in your way, keep improving, be the best you can be. That, will benefit both you and everyone around you.

Now Lets Finish That Game

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You've found a unique solar system, but can you prevent it from dying ?
Game created for Improvement Game Jam 1