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Leont Luvlat Reborn - DemoView game page

You have the chance for a new life. The ability to possess new vessels. Experience new love. What would you do?
Submitted by Inuneko Nanita — 20 minutes, 51 seconds before the deadline
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Leont Luvlat Reborn - Demo's page


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People's Choice#1042.1002.300

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Hey I played your game as requested so here's my thoughts.

Quite a bit of custom artwork! I always appreciate that.

Very quirky and surreal premise.  Even though it didn't quite gel with me I still respect the unique character of the game.

Having a protagonist in a wheelchair was a really nice bit of representation.

I think the game just needed more polish and a better presentation with mapping, sound effects and cohesive assets.

Good job!


Hey :) thank you for that!


This game felt like a fun trip! I like the custom art, but agree with the others that the battle system could have used work. Please think about expanding on this! It's pretty cool!


Glad to hear that! Yeah hehe, I only had about two weeks free time, so I kinda ran out of time for the battle system and other stuff.

I'm already considering it! Thank you!

Hope you expand your Capsule Monsters - Rebirth too! It sometime manage to randomly appear in my mind when I'm daydreaming xD


What an interesting and intriguing concept for this game! It definitely gets a little confusing and convoluted at times, but I was so invested that I stuck through to see what weird twist would happen next!

There are a few mapping errors and some of your events seem to be missing self-switches that lead to blank pages so you're not able to pick up infinite books / laundry keys / etc. 

Overall, an amusing entry. Thanks for submitting!


Hehehe sorry about confusing you! But I'm glad you like the weird twists!

Yeah, I didn't have enough time to test it properly. I actually almost didn't make the submission! (coz of uploading time - I reuploaded multiple times after fixing a bug that was found after I already submitted)

Thank you for your nice review!

Submitted (1 edit)

You scammer you lured me in with cool eyepatch guy and I get this? You smart scam artist you XD

I was onboard with the oddness of the game at the start, but I admit I quickly lost interest once the combat (which felt very undercooked and unbalanced) started to be common. The encounter rate is so high and the escape rate so low, I kept dying. Enemies, even the most basic ones take way too long and just get in the way of what could have been otherwise a quirky and strange experience. I might have continued, but the battles really got on my nerves.

Overall even without the combat I'd suggest making a second pass on the story and clarifying what's happening a bit more: some beats are quirky, but some are just unexplained and confusing.


LOLOLOL! Eyepatch guy is my master minddd

Yeah, I admit the battle system didn't get enough action during development process. I didn't have enough time to work on it.

Thank you for the tips! I'll keep them in mind :D


This game is so intriguing right from the start. A lot of things were happening but I wasn't overwhelmed. Had a good laugh with the glugh glugh lol! Yeah, I accidentally accepted the slime wife. Might replay this again and see if I could get a different one haha!

The custom arts were nice! Especially with the 1st scene. I just wished that the succeeding scene would use the same art style, especially with the tilesets and mapping. I imagine it to be more engaging if it was done that way.

Still nice! Really got me entertained. :D


Thank you for playing and for your feedback, mr husband of mrs slime! xD AHAHAHAHA I'm happy to know you had a laugh out of it xD Hopefully you find a nice in-game-in-game wife if you try it again!

Got it! Appreciate the tips and the things that you wanted to be changed/added for a better experience! xD

Imma go try yours now. I think I tried to play your game days ago but I didn't have a rar extractor at that time xD


Such an intriguing game. I never had any clue where it was going to go next!! Some good visuals, and I love the speech bubbles during dialogue, they're really effective and look a bit different than what I'm used to. 

What attracted me to try the game was I'm a big Metal Gear fan, and the drawing of the woman in your screenshots looks so Metal Gear inspired - I love it. 

Good use of sound effects, and I liked that each time the character responded to their friends, you could see the screen's chat was updating - it was a nice detail that didn't go missed.


I'm glad you think so! xD hehehe thank you

I checked out some Metal Gear drawing just now, I'm very honoured for my drawings to be compared to then >v< !

I'm glad you noticed! hehehe

Thank you for reviewing (You're an awesome reviewer btw, gotta follow your lead)

Imma check yours out too! xD


You're very welcome! xD 


so the screenshot at the bottom right, when looking on my tablet I legit thought that was a giant guy on a bycicle lmfao

the shadow in front of the exit looked like a head, then some pants and the black part looked like a tire xD

THat being said this looks awesome, adding it to my list to play <3


nyehehehe that's funny xD

Thank you! I'll be adding yours to my list too! <3