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The Indie Game Making Contest has lain dormant. Defeated by great evils, it rested for 3 years, but now, it has been rejuvenated. It is time for the IGMC to once again venture forth, and it needs many stalwart allies. Make the best game you can make with any Maker Engine and join the quest!

You have 5 weeks to complete your task and become part of the legend of IGMC: Rebirth! Join and compete for over $10,000 in Cash Prizes!


Ahead of your adventure, be sure to plan your game around the theme of our contest! So what is that theme?

Much like our contest itself contest itself coming back from the beyond, we wish to see games following the theme of Rebirth/Rejuvenation/Resurrection. All three words mean similar things, but are still slightly different. You can use any of those three words as the theme of your game.

Remember: Your game must use one of those as it's theme to be a valid entry!


Before you open your favorite version of Maker series engine and begin your journey, be sure to read the rules HERE!

Thoroughly read through the rules, as failure to hold yourself to this honorable code can lead to penalties, or even banishment from the contest!


While completing a game is it's own reward, that doesn't stop us from offering huge prizes for those whose games stand above the rest!

Our prizes will be divided into two categories. First we will have our 1st through 3rd Prize, determined by our esteemed panel of 8 judges.


  • Steel: One half of Studio Blue, Steel and his wife have been teaching the fundamentals of game development since 2017. He comes from an industry background, having worked on projects such as America's Army 2, the prequel to Hogans Alley X, and expansion packs for F.E.A.R. He also critiques video games in development, offering advice on why certain best practices exist. You can find Steel and Studio Blue on their Twitch and Youtube.
  • Drifty: Since 2015 Drifty has been operating various social media accounts all related to video game development and advertising. Along with his wife he manages and operates Driftwood Gaming. You can find him on the Driftwood Gaming Discord, or learn more on their website.
  • HawkZombie: HawkZombie is a variety streamer on Twitch who lives in Canada. Also a writer, he prefers games with a story focus, and has a soft spot for RPG Maker/Indie titles. Especially horror. You can watch him play games on his Twitch.
  • Evelyn: Eveyln is a long time RPG Maker user, and the developer of the hit RPG Ara Fell, as well as the more recently released Rise of the Third Power
  • EvilHairbrush: EvilHairBrush is the co-founder and writer for AstralShift, the creators of Pocket Mirror and Little Goody Two Shoes! She's super excited to take a look at your amazing games. You can find her on Twitter!
  • bgillisp: One of the keepers of the peace on the RPGMakerWeb forums, bg has been working with RPG Maker since 2014 and has published a commercial game with the engine as well as two game jam games. You can usually find him hanging out on the official forums or on Discord in Hawkzombie's, Studioblue's, Driftwood Gaming and the Beta Testers Server. 
  • hiddenone: Drawn to RPG Maker's ease of use, hiddenone has been making short and silly games and sharing eventing tutorials for years. She has also created a variety of RPG Maker resources, including ones for MV and MZ.
  • Liberty: Liberty is a veteran of the RPG Maker community, with over 20 years in RM development under her belt. She's taken part in most of the previous IGMC's as a judge and kept up her skills by holding events on RMN, where she's the current admin. This poor Aussie has played literally thousands of RPG Maker games, though you wouldn't know it by how optimistic she is about playing more.

Additionally, we will also have a People's Choice chosen by the fans, plus prizes awarded by Humble and AbleGamers!

But how much will those prizes be?

  • 1st Prize: $6,500
  • 2nd Prize: $3,250
  • 3rd Prize: $1,625
  • People's Choice: $3,250
  • Humble Choice: $1,625
  • AbleGamers Choice: 1 Seat in the AbleGamers Certified Accessible Player Experiences Class*

*This prize will be opt in: To be considered for this prize, after your submission, you will need to email with the Subject Line "IGMC: Rebirth, APX" and include the link to your entry within the email.

But what could those plusses be about!? Read the next section to find out!


Don't have RPG Maker or you are looking for more resources to make your game with? Then we have just the thing to get you started on your quest! Once again, we are teaming up with our friends at Humble to present the RPG Maker Resurgence Bundle!

This bundle includes everything you could possibly need to get started in RPG Maker, resources of every variety, RPG Maker engines, and even a discount code for our latest RPG Maker, RPG Maker MZ! Not only that, but every purchase of the Bundle will pour more money into the IGMC: Rebirth Prize Pool, proportionally adding to each prize amount!

Even if you don't plan to participate in the contest, don't miss out on grabbing this fantastic bundle worth over $800 while also helping one of our winners get an even bigger prize.


Interested in using Pixel Game Maker MV for your entry? It's currently on sale on the Humble Store as well!