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It's time for IGI community's first game jam, brought to you by IGI & CCP Games! The jam will take place January 6-8, 2017 at Reykjavík University. Let's make some games together!

The theme is: Polar Opposites

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Monkey Backseat Driving Simulator - In this game you give driving instructions to a monkey.
topdown rpg pygame
Survive in a world ravaged by global warming by migrating between the North and South poles.
Role Playing
You have to collect items by controlling magnets on the side of the frame.
IGI Community Game Jam 2017: Destroy your opponents kubbs with the your amazingly/horribly designed polar opposite guns.
Competitive rhythm runner
The damn heroes killed the dungeon boss and set the self-destruct – AGAIN! Jump for your life!
The player is faced with multiple options, but thanks to polar opposites, no choice matters.
Set out on an expedition to race to the arctic pole in a turn based card game!
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