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In light of the current pandemic situation, WPI (like many schools) has given students additional time off. IGDA WPI has decided to host this week-long online game jam to give people something more to do during this time.

The jam theme is "connect" - feel free to use it however you want!

1. Don't be a dick.
2. If you're worried that you're being a dick you can ask the IGDA WPI execs and we'll tell you if you are. (This can be done by posting in the Community section or emailing
3. If you're being a dick you need to stop.
4. Games can't involve any sexual content, offensive use of religious figures, or bullying,
5. This is a game jam. As such, games submitted should not have been started before the jam began (Tuesday, March 17).

- Who can enter? Although this game jam is run by IGDA WPI, it is open to anyone who wants to take part. Participants will just need to specify whether they are WPI students when submitting.
What engines and software can I use? Whatever you want!
Can I work with a team? Absolutely! Just be safe out there and practice social distancing!
- Can I use premade assets? As long as you have permission to do so, yes.

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