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IGDA Las Vegas Online Game Jam

Make a game! Work in teams or alone for two weeks. Have fun and chill.

This game jam has past! Check out the current IGDA LV Online Game Jam:

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Birth / Rebirth

Rules (or lack of them):

  • Any team size, 1 to infinity. You can work on multiple teams!
  • All game engines, tools, platforms, APIs, etc. are allowed
  • You can include your submission in other online game jams!
  • You can spend any amount of time on this~
  • You can use code/assets you made in the past, as long as you explicitly say what was made prior to the jam
  • You can make a full video game, a prototype, a demo, a card game, a board game, anything you want!
  • Theme is optional
  • Source code is optional
  • You do not to be in Las Vegas or part of the IGDA Las Vegas in order to participate and submit
  • You must credit anyone who worked on your game and any public domain assets.

If you need some inspiration, watch some IGDA Las Vegas presentations!

We also recommend Game Maker's Toolkit, Extra Credits, GDC, Snoman Gaming, Razbuten, HeavyEyed, Design Doc, NakeyJakeyWriting on Games, Adam Millard, and Cagey Videos for additional game design analysis video content!

Here are some suggested game engines and other useful tools:

Game Engines

GameMaker Studio 2   Unity Unreal Engine
Amazon Lumberyard   SourceGodot
Construct 2   CryEngineZero Engine
TwineMonogame   Corona SDK

2D Art Programs

Paint.NETAdobe Photoshop   Piskel
Marmoset Hexels   Gravit DesignerKrita

3D Art Programs

Blender MagicavoxelSculptris
Amabilis   Autodesk Meshmixer   SketchUp

Card Game Development Tools

DulstGo Deck Yourself   Magic Set Editor
nanDECK   Strange EonsBoardGameIO

Music and SFX Tools

Audacity   Bfxr   Bosca Ceoil

If an extenuating circumstance prevented you from uploading in-time, please reach out to Gunnar Clovis#2913 on the IGDA Las Vegas Discord and we may be able to provide you with a special link for a late submission.

If you have questions, ask us on our Discord!

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