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Welcome to the official IGDA Becker Chapter Tutorial Jam!

(This game jam is local to the Becker College area! Participants must be either students of Becker College or WPI! We also ask that you come to the kickoff meeting in the Barrett Lobby at 6 PM on the 20th!)

Make a game utilizing online tutorials in 48 hours! Add a crazy +1! Make new friends! Have some fun!

Please note that we want you to follow these tutorials at your own pace! We will be around to help and teach if needed! Do not feel pressured to finish these series fully during the jam!

And stay around after the jam to showcase your game!

Join our discord for information on the jam & the talks!


  • Friday (Starts at 07:00 PM in Barrett MPR)
    • Setting up Source Control
    • Setting up a Sprite Sheet
    • Animating using Anima2D
    • Why you’re making what you’re making
  • Sunday (Stay tuned to the discord to the announcement)
    • How to build your games
    • Submitting to itch




  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Only use assets you are legally allowed to use.
  3. Submit to the page when your game is done.


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hop between bubbles and shootem up with harpoons (multiplayer)
Visual Novel
An IO shooter-looter
48 Hour IGDA Becker Chapter Game Jam Submission
Visual Novel
A evolution game where you try to work up to reach the final form
Jump, shoot, and slash, in this Rougelike Bullethell.
Simple Nidhogg-like fighting game
Describe It. Play It. Enjoy It.
A videogame