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Closing event Sunday Oct 11th - 12.00 [Italian time]

Sabaku no Maiku tests the prototypes

In 2020 IF Game Jam goes Quantum!

Together with Aalto University, University of Turku, University of Pisa, Qiskit, Data Reply and AISF (Associazione Italiana Studenti di Fisica), this year's edition will be centered on Quantum Physics, making it IF Quantum Game Jam.

An online event which brings together game developers and scientists towards a different approach to QF problems and the use of video games as a powerful dissemination tool. Moreover, it will be possible to create games using a real quantum computer!

A Scientific Board will decide the themes of the jam, professors and researchers will join senior developers as mentors and obviously participation will be open to students and physics geeks.

Members of the Scientific Board
Maria Luisa Chiofalo, Andrea Ferrara, Sabrina Maniscalco, Marcos Valdes, James Wootton


  • This event is part of Internet Festival 2020 (more info on
  • To participate you have to reserve a -free- ticket on
  • You can join from every part of the world
  • To ease communication between and towards the jammers and to talk to the mentors a dedicated Discord server will be joined by the participants.
  • The jammers will form teams on the Discord server
  • The links to the live stream events (Presentation, themes keynotes and final event) will be also given on the Discord server
  • Have fun :)


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Tile-based puzzle game with quantum physics elements.
A game about quantum and life
Explore Quantum Mechanics yourself... from blocks!
TENET style platformer
Play in browser
Internet Festival Quantum Game Jam 2020
Save us from the limbo loop with quantum circuits!