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make fan art of media you've never actually experienced

any format any tool any size

-never experienced = anything from "i've seen cool gifs of this on tumblr but never had the time to play/watch it" to "i saw a couple episodes or started reading it then stopped because ???" to "totally random mega-corp IP you're going to get your gross glitchy hands on"
-does this thing have a wikia? really elaborate wikias are SO GOOD for obscure hyper-detailed lore.
-what if you pick some random throwaway character from some debased offshoot of the core IP or someone with 0.2 seconds screentime or w/e
-is there a tumblr tag? make fanfic about what you think the people in the fan art are like. draw fan art for fanfic you've never seen original pictures of the characters from.
-do a cross-over between multiple universes you don't know shit about
-whatever you imagined about this thing you've never experienced is probably cooler than the reality
-if you have friends who like this thing maybe ask them why they like it, or to explain it to you, and make something based on that :D

jam made by porpentine and cassie

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An imagined day in the life of a healthy mind.
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a fanfic abt a movie i never saw & concept i dont understand
A /Sonic Generations/ x /Final Fantasy VIII/ fanfic about cake and time
Play as Bob Ross in this addicting action arcade game!
Pacman, Backpackman
Aw gee I don't get it there aren't any stars and you aren't in the ocean.
Role Playing
crossover fanart for tactics ogre let us all cling together x basalt
this isn't goolx
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why won't you let me live?
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A game made for idk jam
I have never seen this! for IDKJAM
I made a short spoken word piece exploring the lived experiences of allies.
A Supernatural/Justin Trudeau/Markiplier/Five Nights at Freddy's fanfic
gay he-man fanfiction. angst/drama he-man/skeletor, don't like don't read, please r&r!!
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I've never seen this show - for IDKJAM
A Dark Souls twine. Sir Artorias goes on a grand quest.
Interactive Fiction
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