This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-09-22 15:00:00 to 2019-10-06 15:00:00.

Remember that time when you stumbled upon a song in a language you don't understand? But you kept listening to it because it sounded nice? You focused on the melody and the color and the tone. You couldn't comprehend the lyrics, but the rest of the song just spoke to you. Like a wave crashing upon the shore, like a drop of honey upon your tongue, like background noise coming together to a chorus, the song spoke to you without any words.

Remember also that time when you decided "yeah, I should make a game about this song I don't get".

Let's make small role-playing games, inspired by songs we don't get!

Rules of the I Don't Get It Jam are thus!

1. This jam will be in English, but songs that inspire entries must not be English. We will listen to songs sung in non-English languages. We will not "get" the lyrics. But we will feel the rest of the song and turn the things we felt into a small game. We recommend strongly not to look at translations of the lyrics of the song chosen.

2. Before joining this jam, you must recommend a song in a non-English language. We will listen to songs that we recommend for each other! Please share songs in a non-English language (perhaps your native or secondary language!) so that we can listen to them and choose what speaks to us the most. Incidentally, this means that instrumental music is right out. Additionally, please do not share the title of the song! Instead, please mark each recommended song as "Recommended (Language) Song #(number)" to keep language as far away as possible.

3. Choose a song whose language you don't understand! This is the most important part. How does a song speak to you without speaking to you? Can you make its message and poetry into a game?

4. Entries must be short, according to your definition of "short". It would be ideal if reading and understanding the game took the same time as the song chosen lasts! But it can be longer than that.

Things that Sangjun thinks are important!

1. Please make sure songs are easily accessible! Some music streaming services are limited in some regions. Spotify, for example, is simply not available in Korea! To my knowledge, YouTube is the easiest way to share music without hassles.

2. Please make sure songs don't out to be unpleasant surprises! Even though we do not understand the lyrics, we shouldn't expose people to lyrical subject matters that they do not wish to hear. Be considerate and thoughtful when you recommend a song with lyrics that have potentially harmful messages. It may be good to note what manner of content is present within a recommended track.

3. Please make sure experiencing your game(s) is safe for as many people as possible! Some songs may inspire you to discuss heavy topics. In such a case, it may be good to ensure that as many people as possible can consider and experience the game safely.\

So how do I recommend songs to others?

Let's use the Community page! If possible, let's make a thread for each language (i.e. "Korean songs!", "Tracks in Swahili"). This way, we can find a language we don't understand!

Actually, even if you do not plan to make a game for this jam, recommend non-English songs you like regardless!

Other Jam Details

Sangjun is hosting this but he's not very sure about hosting jams. If you have burning tips or wise warnings, please reach him at @heofonkoppe over there at Twitter. It'd be great to have a collaborator, too.

This jam lasts two weeks. Sangjun doesn't want this to be a heavy jam and would like to encourage people to make games in the moment of the song.

Let's listen to great songs. Let's make games. Let's not get it.