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Mind control is pretty common in fiction, video games included and we've all heard and seen plenty of it over the years. But it's usually just a means to whatever end the medium has.

Not here ! The goal of this jam is to create a game where mind control is front stage. No matter the gameplay, or the type of game it is, the central element should be mind control.


- Submit an incomplete game, or a game of any length. Prototypes and demos are fine !

- Submit any number of games. 

- Do NSFW content ; however it's discouraged as it must not be the core of your game (mind control should not be an excuse !). Lewds, innuendos, short, ecchi stuff is okay, though.

- Direct mind control from the main character(s) to others in the game, or on the contrary, be directed to the protagonist(s). It can even be POV (one way or the other, as well). 

- Create a game of any genre, as long as mind control is key to the story, the gameplay, or both.

- If possible, please indicate what you worked on/developed your game with in its description.

- Participate with a work in progress. Development can start before the jam, and if you've got a related project that's not far from completion, go ahead !


- Submit only free gamesThey can contain any number of pre-made, free-to-use assets.

- Clearly specify that your game is NSFW if such is the case.


Host's word : You are the Master (of your game) !

Description/rules written by : TheKeyStar

Cover image : Hypno-tan drawn by Born-to-Die

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