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Join a month-long Games for Forests Jam, organized together with our friend Aalto Games Now!

The aim is to create games that enhance awareness of the importance of forests. 

We, humans, are dependent on the health of our planet and have a significant impact on it. Now and during the upcoming decades, we need to work hard in battling climate change and its impacts, losses in biodiversity, and deforestation! Our forests play an important role in the well-being and survival of our planet and humans: as a source of food and bio-based materials for people, and as a home for the inhabitants of the forest - both plants and animals. Even in cities, trees along streets and in parks protect us from heat waves as temperatures increase and provide refreshing oases to busy city people. Moreover, forests also act as an important buffer against climate change as carbon sinks and storage.

What kind of games could bring awareness to the importance of forests for the life on Earth?

Create a game that enhances awareness of the importance of forests. You can define the ways you bring this agenda to your players: will you use real data on forests as carbon sinks, educate the players through the game mechanics or narrative, reward the players for planting trees, tell stories of local forests and the animals and plants living there, induce empathy by making the players act as trees, or maybe even advertising donations to NGOs for forest conservation?

How to Join the game jam? (Rules)

Make your game with HypeHype

📲 Download HypeHype
🕕 Start creating your game on or after March 6th 3PM EET
⏰ Post your game by April 6th 3PM EEST
#️⃣ Use the tag #GamesforForests

🏆 Win Prizes

Once the Jam has ended HypeHype judges will pick their favorites.
3 winners will get HypeHype swag packs!

Use the Jam theme & hashtag

🌲Theme is Forests
#️⃣ Include the hashtag #GamesforForests in the description of your Hype
🗣 Share your Hype on Social Media and the HypeHype Discord

🔄 Remix from Templates & Tutorials or start from scratch

🎓Tutorials can be found at

Teams and Submitting multiple Hypes are OK

👤 A creator can only win one Game Jam prize
👥Teams and collabs are welcome*
*Team prizes will be awarded to the account holder that submitted the Hype

A free HypeHype creator account is required to publish games on HypeHype. Get access at!

All submissions must follow the HypeHype Community Guidelines.

Get Help

 Join the HypeHype Discord to get help and discuss your Jam project with other Jammers, as well as other HypeHype creators and developers.

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