Submissions open from 2020-08-01 01:00:00 to 2020-08-03 06:00:00
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In just 48 hours, make a game trailer for a fake game.

Can you hype your game ideas with just a short video?

What? Why?? How???

Q: What is this?
A: The game jam for game trailers! 🤩

Q: Why... is this?
A: To flex the skills of pitching, marketing and communicating your game to your players... which often neglect to do for our games.

Q: How do I make my game trailer for a fake game?
A: There are many methods, but here is what I'd suggest:

  1. Brainstorm game ideas.
  2. Form a team! Or join a team.
  3. Write a script. Rewrite a script.
  4. Create a shot list. Create an asset list.
  5. Make all the assets. Fake all the shots.
  6. Get feedback!
  7. Compile the trailer.
  8. Upload the trailer to Youtube + Itchio.
  9. Watch the trailer on Twitch!!

Q: What qualifies as a game trailer?

  • The video should be less than 3 minutes, although ~1 minute is preferred.
  • The video should be uploaded to Youtube, and then linked here on Itchio.
  • The video should try to hype your game idea!
  • The video can be a gameplay reel, a story cinematic, an vlog pitch, or even just a looping gif.
  • The video can be any aspect ratio, but we encourage a 16:9 ratio for easy sharing.

Q: How do I form a team?
A: Follow the #looking-for-group channel in our Discord! Be sure to post the skills and tools you're most familiar with.

Friday, Kickoff Presentations

At the start of the jam (6pm PDT on July 31st), we'll be hosting the kickoff presentations on Discord! We'll review the rules, share advice, pitch ideas, and form teams. We'll also be announcing the optional secret theme!

Sunday, Final Presentations

At the end of the jam (6pm PDT on August 2nd), we'll be streaming the final presentations on Twitch!! We'll run a reel of all the game trailers y'all put together throughout the weekend, and we'll reward accolades to the best submissions.

Judging & Accolades

During the final presentations, our panel of judges will be reviewing the videos, and awarding these accolades. If you win the accolade, you can use it in your game trailer as boasting rights. An honorable mention will also be awarded for each category. If you started the game prior to the jam, you can still share your video in the final presentations, but you won't be eligible for accolades.

Excellence in Conveyance is granted to the game trailers that can effectively communicate their game designs to players. A special consideration is given to the complexity of the game design and the creativity of how it is communicated.

Excellence in Appeal is granted to the game trailers that excel in visuals and audio. A special consideration is given to how the combination of art, music, sound, voice-over, and video editing.

Judge Choice and Audience Choice is granted to the game trailers that make us want the game.


For some examples, here is a supercut of videos from Hype Jam 2019!


  • Friday, July 31st
    • 6:00pm PDT / Kickoff Presentations on Discord!!
    • 7:00pm PDT / Brainstorming & Team Forming
  • Saturday, August 1st
    • Jam Jam Jam Jam!!
  • Sunday, August 2nd
    • 5:00pm PDT / Submit your Game Trailer
    • 6:30pm PDT / Final Presentations on Twitch!!


Q: Is it alright to use code/art/designs I started before the jam?
A: For sure! Although depending on how much you're reusing, you may not be eligible for the accolades. When submitting your game, be sure to list what assets you brought into the jam.

Q: Is it alright to make a game trailer for a real game?
A: Absolutely! But it wouldn't be eligible for the accolodes.

Q: Is there a to-be-announced theme for the jam?
A: We'll be announcing a theme, but it'll be totally optional.


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