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The Game Jam for Game Trailers

In just 48 hours, convert a game idea into a game trailer.
Can you convey your game with just a short video?

Where? Midtown 21 (1007 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101)
When? August 2nd - 4th, Friday night to Sunday night.

What? Why?? How???

Q: What is this?
A: This is a game jam for game trailers! Make a team, make a game, and make a game trailer. Share it and test the hype! 🤩

Q: Why.. is this?
A: During game jams, we learn a lot about code and art! But we don't often learn much about marketing or pitching your game. This is a jam for practicing how to communicate your ideas to your audience!

Q: How do I make my game trailer?

A: By the end of the weekend, you produce and share a video of your game idea. You'll build a vertical slice of your game, capture as much gameplay footage as you can, and then fake everything else as you edit together the game trailer. And to do this, you'll work with artists, musicians, voice actors, marketers, producers, designers, engineers, video editors, and more! 🤯

  • The video should be less than 3 minutes.
  • The video should be uploaded to Youtube, and then linked here on Itchio.
  • The video should try to convey a game idea! That can be through a gameplay cut, a story cinematic, an informational kickstarter pitch, or even just a looping gif. Whatever it takes to communicate your game idea!


  • Friday, August 2nd
    • 4:45pm = Doors open. You can now load-in and setup.
    • 5:00pm = Dinner + Drinks!
    • 6:00pm = Kickoff!
    • 12:00am = Doors close. You should go get some sleep!
  • Saturday, August 3rd
    • 9:00am = Doors open. Breakfast & Coffee.
    • 12:00pm = Lunch.
    • 5:00pm = Dinner.
    • 12:00am = Doors close. You should go get some sleep!
  • Sunday, August 4th
    • 9:00am = Doors open. Breakfast & Coffee.
    • 12:00pm = Lunch.
    • 4:59pm = Submit your trailer!
    • 5:00pm = Dinner + Drinks.
    • 6:00pm = Film Festival / Final Presentations
    • 7:30pm = Load-out. Clean-up.


We are jamming at Midtown 21 at 1007 Stewart St, Seattle, WA 98101.

The venue is wheelchair accessible. The venue is a secure building that requires badge access to get upstairs, so you'll need to be escorted by one of our volunteers; be sure to bring a government-issued photo id. The venue doesn't provide any parking, so if you are driving, you'll need to find parking in a nearby garage or along the streets. The venue has bathrooms.


During the film festival at the end of the jam, a panel of judges will be reviewing the game trailers, and awarding these wreaths. If you win the wreath, you can use it in your game trailer for boasting rights. An honorable mention will also be awarded for each category. If you started the game prior to the jam, you'll still be in the film festival, but you won't be eligible for judging.

Excellence in Conveyance is granted to the game trailers that can effectively communicate their game designs to players. A special consideration is given to the complexity of the game design and the creativity of how it is communicated.

Excellence in Appeal is granted to the game trailers that excel in visuals and audio. A special consideration is given to how the combination of art, music, sound, voice-over, and video editing.

Judge Choice and Audience Choice is granted to the game trailers that make us want the game.


Q: What are the expected specs for the game trailer video?
A: It should be an h264-encoded mp4, at least a 1280x720 resolution, at least 30 fps, and no longer than 3 minutes.

Q: What if my game trailer isn’t finished?
A: If nothing else, you can record yourself talking over gameplay, like a Kickstarter video!

Q: What if my game isn't playable?
A: Oh, that's totally fine. Your game, like most game jam games, won't be finished at all. It's totally fine if your game some bugs or is missing some ui. You can always fix it later, after the weekend is over. And in the meantime, you can edit out all that from your game trailer.

Q: Can I use code/art/designs I started before the jam?
A: For sure!

Q: Can I stay overnight?
A: Nah, we close the venue at midnight. Go home and get some rest!

Q: Can I work remotely?
A: Heck yeah! You'll be missing out on the food and friends, but you can still hang out with us Discord.

Q: Can I come, even if I don't know what I'm doing?
A: Of course! You'll learn a lot over the weekend.

Q: Is there a to-be-announced theme for the jam?
A: We'll have an optional theme you can elect to use, but it isn't mandatory. (The theme for this year is "Don't Stop!")

Q: How much does it cost to participate?
A: It won't cost you a dime! But it will cost you a weekend and maybe a bit of sleep.

Q: What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
A: The average cruising airspeed velocity of an unladen European Swallow is approximately 24 mph.

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