This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-10-14 16:00:00 to 2022-10-16 10:00:00.

Date: 14-16 October 2022

Adress: Hansahaus, Moltkestraße 41, 53173 Bonn

*You can also join us online on Discord.


Join our very first HYBRID THEATRE JAM. We are bringing a unique community together in Bonn this October. Theatercreators, new media artists, game developers, designers and everyone who is interested can join. We are hosting and providing a big pile of very cool devices during the event. Come alone or with your team. Create an experience from scratch in 40 hours.

At this beginner-friendly jam event, you’ll be challenged to present your vision for the future of theatre. Your task is to bring multiple genres together to create a new ‘piece’. Your ´piece´ could be an art performance combined with new technologies, gamified theater shows, an app with theater elements or anything you can imagine that represents the future of creative media and theater. For example you may choose to create a set-up for live performance with our 360 camera. Or you can create a small interactive theatre performance with our mobile phones. 

Who are we? fringe ensemble is a Bonn located independent theater company. In the past years, we worked on hybrid and interactive performances. To name one example: in Map to Utopia we created a mobile app as an interactive storytelling element for our theater performance. We are interested in further research using new technologies (VR, AR, 360 camera etc.) and integrating them into our theater work. We are looking forward to having exchanges with people from different fields and having a creative time together.

The HYBRID THEATRE JAM  will start on Friday, 14th of October at 7 pm and end on Sunday at 11 am. We provide a big room (Hansahaus, Moltkestraße 41, 53173 Bonn), some food and drinks, and areas to relax, but please bring your own air mattress and sleeping bag.

We provide the following digital devices: 

VR Headsets (Meta Quest 2)- Multiple amounts

Rokoko Pro Mocap Suit

ZCam 360 Camera  

Intel RealSense depth camera (D455)

iPhone 7- Multiple amounts 

iPad Pro with Lider Scanner

Magic Leap AR Headsets - Multiple amounts 

**If you need a computer to work please note it in the registration form or send us a mail. We have a few extra laptops.  

Register for the event by filling out this form.

Join our Discord server. 


  • I have less than a month of experience, and I think a game jam would be complicated! But I want to try. What should I do?
    • You should definitely try it! Game jams are not for competition. They are for exercising and pushing yourself to complete a task in a limited time.  Learn something new in a safe environment and just work with steep limitations which encourages creative solutions. Jams are also a social event. You can go with your friends to have a good time. Go with your team as a team-building exercise. Meet entirely new people and expand your network.
  • I want to do my project by getting help from my friend, am I allowed to do that?             
    • Of course, you can team up! 
  • What if I am just a theater person and don't know new technologies, can I join?
    • Yes, you can and you should join! We would like to bring people from various different backgrounds and create a team and make an experience together.
  • What happens if I'm only a few minutes late to submit? 
    • No worries! Just create your itch io page and contact me on our Discord server if you are late to submit.
  • Can I join online?
    • We will stream the event room on discord as much as possible. And you can jam online on discord.
  • Do I need to pay for the jam event?
    • No, it is a free event. We will be providing food, snacks and drinks during the jam event.

For all your questions you can reach us on the discord or send a mail to