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You want to make a Fae adventure for Iron & Lies. It's easier than you might think. It doesn't require stats. Nor AC, HP, or proficiency. If you want to make an adventure, all it requires is a map (even just squares on paper, connected by lines) and something at each location that requires the players to react. A question, a demand, a trap, an act, or (the most fun) a Fae that's fun for the game master to play. 

Here's an example from Iron & Lies:

So even if you don't participate, you get a free adventure to run! Part of the reason for Iron & Lies *was* to be able to create adventures like this. Focusing on what I feel is important. Come join in the fun of making an adventure without worrying about all that stuff that isn't really important in the long run. All that matters is the fun, the ideas, the questions, and ultimately the player's reactions. 

If you don't have the game, don't worry! You can still make an adventure. Just make up some cool fae, or write about your favorite. Create new monsters, character, NPCs. Go wild with it.

Let's go!

p.s. - at the end of the jam, I'll pick my favorite adventure and:

1. lay it out for you

2. create a map similar to the above for you

3. send you the pdf so you can sell it for money

Only one though, so try to be my favorite!


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