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We're very excited to present a game jam featuring a well known and iconic staple of the indie horror game scene!
That's right, we're talking about the HQ_Residential_House asset! (John Wolfe is here too.)
This house has become so ubiquitous within the horror genre that it could be considered a character in and of itself!
As such, we decided that we should give it the spotlight it truly deserves!

The other well known and iconic staple of the indie horror game scene:
John Wolfe will play through some of the popular entries from the jam and feature them in a future video!
Afterwards, his HQ_Trapped_Soul will be freed from the HQ_Residential_House and he'll finally be able to HQ_Move_On from this HQ_Suburban_Purgatory!

A few things to keep in mind:
- The entry must feature the HQ_Residential_House, however you are NOT required to use the default premade house. Additionally, it's not even a requirement to purchase the asset, as long as you're able to capture the "essence" of the house in your game.
- The entry is NOT required to be a horror game. Do any type of game you want! Make a HQ_Residential_House visual novel, dating simulator if you want to!
- On that note, we want to put an emphasis on creativity and originality! While there are no limitations on the type of game you can make, just be aware that the themes of "collecting objects and/or monster chasing you around the house" have been done numerous times before.
- All entries must be made within the time frame of the game jam.
- Please upload entries as compressed files.
- There are no platform restrictions, however if you're hoping John plays your game, he only has a Windows PC.
- Update: Please be sure to include screenshots and project details on your submission page. Ideally, please post your submission from an account that has a history and not from a newly created account. We've already had to remove some potentially suspicious looking submissions due to lack of account history and project details. If you feel like your project was removed incorrectly, please submit a post in the community board and we can work on getting it corrected! 

Purchasing the asset:
Update: The asset is currently not on sale and this section will be updated if it goes back on sale during the jam.
The default retail price of the asset on the Unity/Unreal marketplace ($70 USD) could make participation difficult, so we've done our best to time the jam with the current ongoing sale on both marketplaces. The asset is currently on sale for 50% off until December 4th on Unity and December 2nd on Unreal! Links to both are below:

(This jam is not sponsored or affiliated with the creator of the asset.)

A small Discord server is here, just in case people are looking for groups or want to throw around ideas:

Have fun!


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An action/visual-novel hybrid about helping a haunted house move on
Visual Novel
Multiplayer horror game for HQ Residential House game Jam
Move furniture to help Jo Besity with his peculiar affair.
A short slumber party text adventure ♡
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
What if the HQ_Resi_House asset morphed into a dungeon filled with danger? It's Zelda Dungeons x Duke Nukem.
One little robot cleans one big house.
H̶Q̶_̶R̶e̶s̶i̶d̶e̶n̶t̶i̶a̶l̶_̶H̶o̶u̶s̶e̶ House in the Forest
A short horror game about memories and dreams.
When toy soldiers come to life
Fake Residential House HQ
Role Playing
Attempt to discover the fate of your old home by looking in to a housing community's new VR touring program
You woke up in a strange manor, what is going on?
Navigate dreams as the Dream Decay-er
A short 2D horror game with difficult puzzles, interesting story, and memory reading mechanic.
A short game that takes place in your HQ_Master_Bedroom.
Reminisce with your imaginary friend in a certain residential house.
Our entry in to the HQ Residential Jam 2021
It's time to uncurse this house once and for all.
play with a dog in a familiar house
Play in browser
Short fps horror game.
The Caretaker - John Wolfe HQ Residential House Gamejam
Join Nuke Doomenstine as he fights to save the HQ residential station!