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Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest - Next Exit

Welcome to the first HPU GAM Game Jam specifically aimed at all of our HPU GAM students! Some of you are in Heagney's class and looking for a game jam to join, some are in Bell's class, some are random folks from around the world unaffiliated with HPU in any way (welcome!)


Enchanted Forest

(Be as creative as you like with this one!)


Engine: Any

Platform: Any. Digital / Non-digital / table-top / one-upsmanship / any


No Trees: Your game does not use what we humans think of as trees but STILL represents "forest".

Bark Bark!: Fill your game with "barks". If you're designing a table-top game, include player barks in the rules, such as in Uno, when the player MUST shout "uno!" in order to win. Want to read more about barks:

Accessibility: Make your game accessible in some way, such as being able to use one limb, played by blind people, use of subtitles for hard of hearing, etc.

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