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DEADLINE: 00:00 GMT, 01/05/2020

Notice: Submissions must be TTRPGs or Bitsy/IF/narrative games. Anything else will be removed from the jam. To avoid wasting time, please do not submit games outside these categories.

This is a jam for tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) and Bitsy/IF/narrative games on the theme of 'house' or 'home' (or both)! They could be about staying home, being in your home or a house, doing things you'd normally do at home, or anything else like that.

This isn't super strict – you could make a game where 'home' is part of a frame story or meta-story – but submissions should not be about going home  or leaving home unless most of the game is about being at home. That might sound restrictive, but there's a lot you can do: for example, house by Marn S is a horror game about a sinister house that may be trying to eat you; House & Home by Jason Brown is a bittersweet look at the changes wrought in a family by time, and by that family on their home; and Life On Mars by Heart of the Deernicorn is about astronauts struggling with isolation, expectation, and each other while they set up a colony on Mars.

This jam is open to previously-published works, playtest versions, and works-in-progress!



  • Submissions to this jam should be about staying home or being at home in some way
  • Any state of work is fair to submit - previously-published, freshly-designed, works-in-progress, playtest versions, etc.
  • Games in any language are fine to submit.
  • You can submit any number of games as long as they fit the other requirements.
  • License and price your games as you see fit!
  • Include content notices or other precautions on both the game's page and in its file(s) if your game includes any material that could be considered adult or sensitive.
  • Bigoted content of any kind is not allowed and will be removed from the jam.


Here are some easy ways of boosting your game's accessibility:

  • Plain text (e.g. .txt) versions for text-to-speech apps (you can check how it sounds using free online apps like the free version of Natural Reader, to make sure it reads well)
  • Community copies and/or opt-in discounts (see this Twitter thread for a tutorial)
  • Print-friendly versions (black and white, and optionally formatted to easily be printed as a booklet)


Title font: Yumaro by monocotype via 1001fonts

This jam is hosted by Speak the Sky (@SpeaktheSky /


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what will you do in humanity's twilight?
A creepy-cozy TTRPG about a found family of ghosts and their haunted home.
A solitaire game about reliving stories, recognizing the past, & rewriting the future.
be a giant. jump between strange planets and stars. help the tiny people you meet along the way.
A Self-Care Ritual
written for the player who grappled a Grabber Tree to snag a Grabapple
An epistolary game of starship explorers
take your strange, beautiful, and dangerous detours while you can
The crew of a spaceship negotiate intimacy and learn to live together in this GMless sci-fi RPG
A 1-player LARP about the people and places we can never forget.
A haunting melody draws you to a mysterious mansion...
Visual Novel
In this dating sim, you decide to webdate during the corona quarantine. Get a date before the pandemic ends.
When exploring your house feels just like exploring space.
Interactive Fiction
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An exploration Bitsy game that reflects my current status.
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All families have skeletons in their closets
Interactive Fiction
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a to-do list where you plan your tasks and seize the day!
Interactive Fiction
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A LARP for 5-11 players about the things left behind by those we miss.
action rpg based on the classic pen & paper game
Role Playing
Even if COVID-19 is around, it doesn't mean that we can't party anymore
Help Meri the Demon Witch make dinner for her friends.
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Mr. Spider is hungry.
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Build homes, make friends, and work on downtime projects in nearly any game.