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Welcome to the Hostos Bitsy Bench page! 

The Hostos Bitsy Bench is a workshop being host at Hostos Community College to teach students how to use the bitsy game engine and get work out into the community. Once the workshop is done, students have until that Sunday to finish their projects and submit it to this page where we will compile them together publicly.  

Workshop details

October 9, 2:00 PM  (Submissions will be open until October 13 at 11:59)

Room 456 (Hostos Game Center)

What is Bitsy? 

Bitsy is a game-making tool that utilizes its constraints in order to inspire creativity.  On the surface a bitsy game may seem somewhat simplistic, but due to bitsy's limitations the creative choices made by the designer are more meaningful. The color palettes, the dialogue,  the sprites all hold deliberate weight. 

For some examples of Bitsy games check out Juno's list of games and if you want to check out some bitsy events that have happened in New York in the past check these out!  Maybe there will be more in the future :)

Pixels X Paper

Dire Jank Game Jam


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Remember those nights at the bookstore?
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A game about dog bacon flying through a dark maze.
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Visual Novel
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Visual Novel
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Take me to my people hoo-man. Go through various exits to advance to the next path.
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Imagine being in a greedy industry that believes commercialized art is a righteous business.
Interactive Fiction
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a dumb gashapon toy
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Dogs from NYC have to escape a black hole via a sidewalk, and their strength comes from emotions
Visual Novel