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Make a horror game with an uncommon theme/story/setting!

"How do I participate?"

  • You have from March 2nd until April 2nd to create and upload your game entry.
  • Your game must have an uncommon theme, story, or setting not usually seen in both indie and AAA horror game titles.
  • The weirder or sillier the initial concept, the better! Prove that horror games aren't just tropes repeated over and over.
  • You are free to post screenshots and devlogs marking your progress!
  • You can work on your own or in teams.
  • Feel free to experiment with different art styles, engines, or game mechanics! All game engines are allowed.

"What are the conditions for the jam?"

  • Your game must have an uncommon theme, story, or setting not usually seen in both indie and AAA horror game titles.
  • If you want a general idea of things to avoid, refer to: TV Tropes' list of Horror Stereotypes and tropes
  • Your game may include some common horror tropes, but the point is to avoid using as many of them as possible.
  • Horror games only! (Note: 'Horror games ≠ Jumpscare games. Your game can be abstract or body horror, for example!)

"What's allowed?"

  • Games made on any engine or platform. (Ex: Unity, Game Maker: Studio, RPG Maker, Monogame, Ren'Py, Twine..etc.)
  • Incomplete games that are to be completed and published for this game jam, and that fit this game jam's criteria.
  • Games which tribute, parody, or are fan-works based on previously made games or material. (i.e: a book, movie, etc..)
  • Gore, whether realistic or cartoon, are allowed. Provide a disclaimer if your game contains intense violence or graphic horror.
  • Pre-made art, music, and code. You may work on previous incomplete projects you may have, if it fits this game jam.

"What isn't allowed?"

  • Do not submit NSFW games, a.k.a. pornographic games or games which have explicit and/or graphic sexual material.
  • Do not submit games which encourage, promote, or glorify discrimination and emotional/physical/verbal abuse. You can include or mention those themes in your games, so long as you're not trying to encourage/promote that behavior.
  • Do not submit games that use stolen visual, audio, coding resources. (refer to the final point of "What's allowed?")
  • It is recommended that you add a content disclaimer if your game contains darker themes.

"Where do I start?" "Give me some ideas!"

  • ITEMS: headphones, umbrella, toothpaste, bracelet, car keys, candy bar, ink pen, laptop, berries
  • SETTINGS: city street, rainy park, hospital reception desk, blind date, school bus, music shop, friend's bedroom
  • THEMES: small talk, engagement, before a road trip, boring day at school, spring cleaning, card game
  • NOTE: You're free to come up with ideas on your own, or pick idea(s) from those lists. Up to you!
  • If you want some word generators: link one // link two
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