Submissions open from 2019-11-14 23:00:00 to 2019-11-24 23:00:00
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a jam for clowns hosted by SCREAM CATALOGUE

why clowns?

clowns, contrary to their terrifying appearance, are just like you and i. they have dreams . they go to work. they have families. just because clowns are inhuman beings that happen to terrorize adults and children does not mean that they don't deserve respect.  this jam is about giving back to the clown community. this jam is also intended to appease the clowns so that they don't kill us all

the theme

the theme for this jam is 'clowns'. you can interpret this in any way. however, it is assumed that your game will feature at least one clown! there are so many clowns out there in this wretched, cursed world of ours and they are all very different, not unlike variations of leeches, or other various creatures of evil. so feel free to go wild and clown around with the theme!  


to recognise that you have risked your life by inviting the displeasure of clowns, there is some light judging in this jam - i'll be announcing within a few days after the jam the best game, the game with the best clown (interpret this as you will), and the game with the best use of the theme! i guarantee that this accolade will make the clowns less interested in attacking you. hopefully


  • the jam starts on nov 15 and ends nov 25
  • original games are preferred but if you've recently made a clown-y game enter it too! 
  • if your game contains sensitive content flag it in the jam submission to be nice to folks!  
  • your game can be a work in progress or unfinished! 
  • your game can also be in any format, including interactive fiction!