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December! A month of cheer and mirth, long awaited seasonal flavors, stressful family events, dark nights and heavy clouds that seem to swallow up the very existence of day, and Christmas songs on loop. Let's celebrate!


Short ttrpg, larp, or analog games or related content. Please don't go too long or take yourself too seriously. There's too much going on in December to bite off more than we can chew right now. Entries must be seasonally themed, but that's open to interpretation.

Consider: a solo journaling game about being alone on the longest night of the year, a micro rpg that uses leftover wrapping paper for mapmaking, a system-neutral magic fur-trimmed red hat that allows fast travel but makes you uncontrollably jolly, a single PbtA playbook called The Merrymaker or The Nutcracker.

Existing content is okay; multiple entries are okay. If you have multiple related little content things, consider grouping them as one entry with multiple files, but multiple separate entries are welcome. Entries will be offered as a bundle for sale after with revenue split based only on creators, not how many entries they submitted.

Please price your entry at whatever value you believe is fair. Higher even, since the bundle will be offered at a discount from the sum of all the entries.

No hate speech, bigotry, racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, fascism, or any other prejudice or violence to marginalized, underrepresented, or less privileged people.

The Bundle

Once the jam concludes, all entries* will be entered into a bundle and offered at 50% off the total price of all the entries and revenue will be split evenly by creator. This isn't a weird moral social experiment, I promise. Just price and submit as you like.

The bundle will be available from December 27 through January 6. Participants will have one week to approve their inclusion in the bundle.

*Participants may opt out of having their entry included in the bundle—no questions asked.


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Have you ever wanted to go to the North Pole? Now you and your friends can share stories of your misadventures!
A Holiday Horror Comedy TTRPG of Retail Vampires, Helping Elves and Cheer! Sort of!
Will you keep your holiday spirits high enough to keep Krampus from taking you away on the night before Christmas?
Role Playing
A game of knightly holiday
Create an advenutre with gift wrap!
A solo journaling game about being a horrid monster filling in for Big Red.
Can Santa's Helpers keep things flowing smoothly and save Christmas?
A festive holiday ttrpg about dismantling systemic greed
A very simple game about sharing the holiday cheer!
Gather with your companions around a yuletide fire this year and the new sun may grant your secret prayers.
This holiday, give the gift of true Christmas Spirit.
Can you cooperate just enough with the other elves to figure out which tags belong to which present?
Collections of different holiday-themed items for Pathfinder, though can be incorporated into any TTRPG.