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What is the purpose of this jam?

Let's make games that could be played with a black screen!

I mean, you may display something, but all the useful informations should be conveyed by sounds and music, so that a blind player, or anyone with eyes closed, could play the game.

The best would be to have games that can be played without the help of screen readers (like NVDA), but if you just feel like making a text based game aimed at those screen readers, well, go for it!

And what about this HODUR name?

Hodur is simply the name of a blind god in the Norse mythology. He was not afraid to shoot with a bow, so I guess he'd be glad to play videogames, as long as they don't need to stare at a screen.


Three words are given and can be used as a starting point:

  • FALL
You may use one or several of those words to start your game!

Are there any other rules?

Those are optional but may enhance your game:

A. Make it so that even the menus of your game can be navigated with sounds.

B. Your game will be more accessible if it's possible to play your it online (it could have an online and an offline version).

C. Even better if the game has difficulty settings!

D. Consider any new rule or guideline you may add to make your game easily playable. You may want to browse the wonderful "game accessibility guidelines" website here:

What if I want to find a team?

You may join our discord server (link below).

Have fun! --- Feldo GAMES 4 OWL


Contact : I'll answer questions on, on twitter at @asaurat or on Discord at

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