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Hits Playtime is a window on students creativity and an introduction of the videogames creative process. For six months, the students not only have to develop a playable prototype, but also describe, step by step how games are made. Each team is composed by 6 people maximum. The more they take creative risks, the more they will be rewarded by the jury, composed by Cyrielle Maurice (journalist at Numerama), Claire Bresson (Head of Innovative Practices at Le Cube), Frédéric Coispeau (Le Cartel co-founder), François Alliot (game developer at Nerial) and Laurent Checola (La Belle co-founder).

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Puzzle / Godgame in VR developed by students at CNAM-ENJMIN. Guide your hero through his journey!
Hindrance is an interactive 2D tablet experience, focused on dance and movement.
Use different exploration modules to unravel the mysteries of this planet !
VR Tower Defense with God Game elements! In traditional Japan!
A fun and funky platformer game!
Explore the environement, fly at high speed, and seek the crystal beacons to wake the world from its slumber.
A game about anatole, Raquette-chan and DEMONS FROM HELL.
PYKT is an aventure game about relationships and separations.
A game about geometry and chain reactions !
Dad shopping simulator
Brave the mountain and its dangers to discover the truth.
Guess who's friend or foe in this virtual, augmented reality board game!
Role Playing
A Sci-Fi Audio-Only Adventure Game