Submissions open from 2021-06-11 23:00:00 to 2021-06-20 22:59:59
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The Historically Accurate Game Jam is a twice-a-year game creation context themed around a bit of history. On the previous jams, we've covered the Cold War, the Fall of The Roman Empire and the Black Death - and you get to decide what comes next. History doesn't get enough attention when it comes to games, and the goal of this jam is to allow us all to have a bit of fun making games about the past.

We have a theme voting system, starting with everyone suggesting up to three themes. Then we go into the first round of voting, where people vote for all the themes they'd enjoy making games about. From that round the top 10 themes are chosen, and from that pile the top 5 are chosen. From those 5, the final theme is picked - it's all up to you!

At the end of the jam, everyone rates everyone else's games to decide the winner and help us all learn what we did wrong and what we did right. Games are rated on six categories:

  • Overall - your overall rating, what you would score the game out of 5
  • Gameplay - how nice the game plays
  • Graphics - how nice the game looks - this includes particle effects and anything related to the appearance of the game.
  • Audio - how nice the game sounds, whether with music or sound effects
  • Thematic Relevancy - how relevant the game is to whatever theme was picked and how well the theme is used. If a game only technically applies to the theme, it gets a lower score than one which fully embraces it.
  • Historical Accuracy - how much the game is similar to the actual historical events

  1. No NSFW (sexual - this doesn't include gore unless it's really over the top) content
  2. You can only use free assets (e.g sound effects, music or art) and you must give credit where credit is due
  3. Teams can only include up to 4 members - any more would make it unfair
  4. Have fun!

Who can enter? Anyone. There's no skill floor - the jam is about having fun!

How much effort should I put in? There's no point overworking yourself, so do what you feel comfortable with!

What game engines am I allowed to use? All game engines are allowed!

Can my game be about alternate history? Your game must start historical, but you can allow the player to do ahistorical things or have a narrative which can lead to ahistorical things taking place. Remember, your game will be rated on Historical Accuracy! 

Can I reuse code? You can, but only if it's really basic - you can copy-paste a movement script to save time but you can't copy-paste an advanced shader script or a whole game system. The rule I'd usually follow is that you can only copy-paste if you could write the script without really thinking.