This jam is now over. It ran from 2019-12-28 07:00:00 to 2020-01-05 00:30:00. View results

The jam is over: but there will be another:

Go here to sign up!


Who can Enter?  YOU (and literally all human beings)

How will My Game Be Judged? Games will be Judged by the following categories:

  • Historical Accuracy
  • Gameplay
  • Audio 
  • Graphics

Everyone can judge games.

People can also give your game an overall rating

How Much Effort Should I put in? However much you want. This is supposed to be a casual jam, so I'd point you in the direction of just working on the game in your free time, but that's just me.

Are there any prizes? Jame developer Lucas Molina is giving away a copy of his game, Historia Realis, to the winner of the jam as well as a copy of his game Painter's Guild to the second place contestant and  Rougemance to the third place contestant. Thanks Lucas!

Why Should I Join? It would make me happy.


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Lead your people through the crumbling Western Roman Empire, can you make a name for yourself?
Play in browser
Survive the Great Siege of Montevideo!
Play in browser
RTS game about the fall of the western roman empire
A Reigns-like strategy game, made for the Historically Accurate Game Jam.
Relive the Battle of Teutoburg Forest in this 2D Hack-N'-Slash
PILLAAAAGE!!!! (read the tutorial on the itch page before playing)
Explore the fallen Roman Empire
Can you destroy the Western Roman Empire in time?
A TTRPG about the Boston Tea Party
Defence Against Raiders - Send soldiers to provinces to repel enemy raiders
A short lightly interactive tale about Rome's final three emperors.
Play in browser