Submissions open from 2019-12-28 07:00:00 to 2020-01-04 23:00:00
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The Historically Accurate Game Jam is a Game Jam where you have to make a game based on a history-related theme. The Jam is hosted by Henry Delap-Smith, creator of the History of the British Isles podcast.

Join if you want to have some fun and make games. 

If you want to suggest a Theme,  do so here! Themes will be voted on at a later date.


Who can Enter?  YOU (and literally all human beings)

How will My Game Be Judged? Games will be Judged by the following categories:

  • Historical Accuracy
  • Gameplay
  • Audio 
  • Graphics

Everyone can judge games.

People can also give your game an overall rating

How Much Effort Should I put in? However much you want. This is supposed to be a casual jam, so I'd point you in the direction of just working on the game in your free time, but that's just me.

Why Should I Join? It would make me happy.