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Hilagyo Jam is a tabletop RPG jam that is all about expressing the soul of Filipino game design, and the many communities that define "Filipino".

There are so many of us out there in and beyond the Philippines itself. It's time to show everybody how we design!

The Rules

  • Hilagyo Jam is meant to be a game jam for Filipinos, by Filipinos. In order to participate, you'll have to fulfill at LEAST one of these conditions:
    • Please be Filipino by heritage ("purity" doesn't matter; Filipino-American, Filipino-Chinese, etc.; as long as there's some Pinoy in there somewhere), residency (meaning you're based in our country, even if you're "foreign") or by passport (nuff said). The hosts of the game jam don't want to have to police too hard. We'd just like to have a game jam that is all about visibility for us and our own.
    • Your submission is set in some version of the Philippines or a place in the Philippines, or the Philippines/Filipinos play a notable role in the game world. Go wild with this.
    • Your submission zones in on Filipino communities, culture, beliefs, folklore, legends, mythology, traditions, realities, narratives, and/or experiences. Don't worry about genres or categories. Whether it's something expansive (a full fantasy RPG in a magical Philippine archipelago) or something really, really small (a simple game about Filipino family dinners) - if it's about a Pinoy Something, you're golden.
  • Write or submit any of the following during the period of #HilagyoJam:
    1.  A full tabletop roleplaying game. Something standalone (meaning the game can be played by itself), fully playable. Doesn't have to have been playtested yet. Any system will do!
    2. A hack of a preexisting game. Just make sure all the legal stuff is in order. Credit things accordingly!
    3. Homebrew stuff, modules or expansions for preexisting games. As with hacks of preexisting games, just make sure that all the legal stuff is in order. Remember that if you're doing something that's the equivalent of fanwork, you're not allowed to charge for your work unless you've been given due permission - but you ARE allowed to ask for personal donations via KoFi and other means.
    4. A translation into a Filipino language or dialect of a roleplaying game, a hack of a preexisting game, or a module/expansion of a preexisting game. If you've ever wanted to translate a Dungeons & Dragons adventure into Tagalog, this is the space to do it. Once again, though, keep the legal stuff in mind. If you're going to translate the game of somebody on Itch, make sure you have their permission!
    5. A work in progress. Don't be shy about it. Strut your stuff!

Submissions to #HilagyoJam can be old, finished releases that you put together prior to this game jam.

We made this space to boost visibility and showcase what we can do as designers. If you already have something you did way back and you'd like to submit it here, go right ahead.

Things We Encourage

  • Entries can be in any Filipino language. Write the whole thing out in Tagalog, Hiligaynon, Cebuano, whatever! You can use English too, or write it out in a mix of English and your local tongue. Have at it!
  • Consider making your game as accessible as you can for part of or the entirety of #HilagyoJam submissions. Maybe you can, for example, put it on sale for a limited run, or make it free after you submit for a set period. This is more to allow people - especially other designers floating around Itch - to check your game out.
  • Try to include a text-only or print-friendly version of your game.
  • Multiple submissions are 100% okay! The more, the merrier.

#HilagyoJam believes in the 9 Principles of #SWORDDREAM.

If any of the hosts feel like a submission or the designer behind it is in violation of the rules of this jam or of the principles above, we will remove the submission from the game jam.

#HilagyoJam is hosted by Pammu (@TheDovetailor / with co-hosts:

Feel free to contact us with your questions!

Find other people talking about the jam on Twitter at #HilagyoJam, and share your thoughts/process.

You can also contact here via Hilagyo Jam's dedicated forums on Itchio!


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A Supernatural-Cyberpunk Revolution
A Solitary Journey to meet Sisters Three
A micro-rpg analog game about concerned citizens investigating a dubious local project
A tabletop roleplaying map game for 1-5 players about drowning empires and imagining utopias.
Interpret the magic of love
A game about death, rebirth, memories, and letting go.
tell the story of how you kiss kiss and fall in love <3
Come for the transforming jeepneys, stay for the politics.
Tales of cockfighting and the marital spats of gods. A system-neutral RPG scenario!
A Blades in the Dark x Grishaverse Hack
Isang Mech-and-Magic Agham-Pantasya RPG na sinulat sa Filipino
Two (or more) less lonely awangs in the Philippines are off to get married. What could possibly go wrong?
Torn between two cultures, decide where you belong.
A character generation game based on Filipino myth.
A game about all girl's catholic schools and a ghost.
play out angst filled stories of ghosts and lovers, regrets and the death gods that fetch you
A Sandman Laser's and Feelings hack with Duality on a Coin
today we are God and we create from our own image.
An anti/canon-building experience
4 theater inspired micro-games around water
Become 90s action stars in this all-Tagalog RPG. Hardcore!
lyric game for Pinoy drinkers
This tiny ball of fur in a deadly golem suit is a free background for Troika!
Where will you be when the revolt breaks out?