Submissions open from 2020-02-15 20:00:00 to 2020-03-15 19:00:00
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Welcome to my 2020 Highschool Horror Game Jam! If this blows up I would love to make it an annual thing.

So I guess I should explain why highschool horror. It's mostly just because it's my favorite setting for a horror game. I'm currently making about 3 or 4 horror games taking place in a highschool and I wanna see what other people are making!

I will play every submission, it does not have to be a full game (demos/previews are fine.) I'm just excited to see the atmosphere and stories everyone comes up with!

Also, the engine you use to create it doesn't matter, neither does the type of highschool. I just used a japanese highschool for the cover image because of Corpse Party.

This is my first game jam and I hope everyone has fun! Good luck!


Relevancy - This is just how relevant it is to the theme of Highschool Horror. Nothing else should be considered with this criteria.

Polishedness - This measures how many bugs or broken mechanics there may be in the game. The more polished the better.

Music and Assets - This basically measures the quality of the look and sound of the game. (This does NOT mean it has to be a super HD 3D game.) It's simply to see if the atmosphere is fitting and well built.

Controls - This is to measure whether or not the controls are clunky and hard to use. The higher the score on this the better.

Length - This one does not matter so much but I figured I'd include it anyway. This just measures how long the game is.


Submitting Starts: February 15th at 12 PM PST

Submission Deadline: March 15 at 12 PM PST

Voting Ends: March 30th at 12 PM PST

I don't have a reward for the winner planned but I'm thinking fan-art or maybe free help on their next game if they want it! I'll let the winner chose.