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Jam Concept

Some of the most highly praised games in the argument for "games as an artform" are those that manage to find the meaning in their mechanics and emphasize it through context. That's the objective of this jam.

Take a simple game concept, like breakout or tetris, and redesign it's mechanics and aesthetics to convey a theme , feeling or idea that you could interpret from those core systems.


One common example is missile command, where the simple unwinnable nature of the game could be seen as a representation of how nuclear war is an unwinnable affair.

In the Five Nights At Freddy's  series, it isn't the jumpscares that create the horror but the gameplay itself. The act of checking camera to camera, struggling to keep every element in check is an inherently anxiety inducing performance. I think the threat of the jumpscare combined with the intense and spooky context is what transforms this anxiety into fear, with the jumpscare itself acting as the release for all the anticipation. 

Papers , Please is a great example of how both the mechanic and contextual elements come together to create the end experience. 

Deep or Dumb?

Ultimately, you can argue over weather Missile Command's gameplay is really a strong representation of the futility of nuclear war or if a game that many could argue is fun and engaging is a  laughable representation of the horrors of war. Regardless of where you fall, I think you should take that stance and run with it!

If you agree with the above arguments then ask yourself how you can take it to the next level or how can you use these principles to convey your own ideas.

Alternatively, if you disagree then figure out why. Let those criticisms inform your own work. Now is a good time to find your own stance and make something better!


  1. The game should be created within the time limit. This includes assets and code. Logos are an exception. 
  2. Adult Themes and content are allowed, but please label your work accordingly (NSFW, age warning).
  3. Teams are allowed.
  4. Game's should ideally be playable in browser, though this isn't a necessity. 
  5. Game's should be in line with the jams concept. 
  6. (NEW) The game engine is your choice.

Ask me in the community tab if you have any questions, I'll get back to you and update this section with anything I missed.


Concept - How strong is the idea behind the game?

Execution - How well was the idea pulled off? Did it succeed at the jams objective? 

Polish - Does the game feel polished or does it feel like it could do with some extra flair?  In an action game this might be explosions and screen shake. In horror this might be elements like mist over the screen. Ultimately this is about  weather the game has a strong sense of feeling to it.

All areas for judging are voted on openly so remember to vote on some entries when the time comes!

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