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Get ready for another Homa Games Monthly Jam!

If you’re new here you may be wondering what the fuss is all about?

The Homa Games Monthly Jam is a monthly game-making challenge that lets you explore your creativity, win some cool prizes and receive feedback from industry experts!


You’ll have 7 days to create a mobile game based on the theme -- COLOR

We don't just mean creating a visually colorful theme - we want to see how you can use color as a core game mechanic!

For example, ideas could be:

  • Matching colors to advance in a level
  • Movement reacting to lightness, darkness or different colors
  • Catch or hunt items of a certain colors
  • Reactions based on color

The theme can be interpreted in a number of different way so let your imagination run wild!

Who Can Join

We encourage all developers to join, both beginner and expert levels. Groups are welcome and we also have our own Discord channel ( to chat with fellow gamers, ask questions and hear up to date announcements.


Did we mention we have an amazing grand prize? 

Thanks to our amazing sponsors, we have a number of free trials and discounts for all entrants during the game jam:

  • Get 30% of all Craftpix asset purchases here (homagamesjam2019!)
  • Free premium trial of Soundly during the week of our game jam - simply download Soundly from, install the app and register a free account. When you first launch the app enter the following code when registering: hgjam and you'll have free access to our massive sound library during the jam.

The winner of the jam will receive some amazing prizes, including:

  • 12 month pro subscription with Soundly**
  • 12 month premium subscription with Craftpix
  • $200 worth of User Acquisition for your Game by BidMotion
  • More prizes coming soon!

**If a group wins, all members will receive a Soundly Pro Subscription. Groups will split the remaining prizes between them using shared login details

Process & Submission

  1. Click the join button on our game jam
  2. Read our rules carefully
  3. Work solo or find a team!
  4. Join our Discord Server at:
  5. Make awesome games!
  6. Submit game here in our Game Jam on


While there are no limits to your imagination, we ask you respect the following  guidelines.

  1. Please follow the theme given for each jam -- if you have questions, reach out to us here on Discord []
  2. You cannot use any game projects you have started previously, someone else’s project, etc. Your game must be created from scratch and submitted before the deadline of the game jam. We will not accept late submissions.

You can use any game engine you would like to make your game, however we ask that all games we receive be intended for mobile. When you submit your game, you must submit the game in an android .apk file. 

Do NOT send us :

    1. A .ipa file
    2. A zipped folder with your project files
    3. Any files that are not your game

Failure to adhere to the submission requirements may result in disqualification. 

4. Text features to be in English

5. You’re free to use any copyright-free artwork in your games

6. NSFW games aren't allowed

7. Have fun!


Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Theme relevance - How well does your game work with the theme? Games all have to be based on the theme, but don’t be afraid to explore all the different ways to approach the theme. Think outside the box!
  2. Game Performance - how well does your game run. Are there lots of bugs, does its frame rate ever slow down, etc.
  3. Creativity/Originality - We love quality games, but we also want games that grab our attention and show us something new
  4. Pick up in 30 seconds - we want games that are intuitive, we should be masters of your game’s controls in less than 30 seconds.  We will critique on how easy your game is to pick up and play. Bonus points if your game can be played with one hand, and is intended for portrait mode on your phone!
  5. Execution - We’re gamers too so for us the most important thing is that the game is fun and your idea is conceptualised well!

Winners will be announced 7 days after submissions have closed.


Below you’ll find a list of helpful programs that may help you in your game creation:

Game Engines:

  • Game Maker ( - $39
  • Unity ( - Free
  • Unreal Engine 4 ( - Free
  • Corona Simulator ( - Free

Art Creation:

Sound and Audio:

Version Control:

If you have any questions on the above, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our discord channel []. Without further ado, let the games begin!


For those unfamiliar with Homa Games, we’re an independent games publishing studio specializing in the publishing, monetization and user acquisition of mobile games. Based in Paris, our team is passionate about mobile games and helping developers grow their games from scratch to millions of users.

If you’d like to know more about how we can make your next game a hit, reach out to us at or visit

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this is umm some unfinished project,alot bug,lack of design
a simple runner whit color slimes
Help Billy survive the Zombie Colorful Apocalypse!
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Jump platforms with a TWIST
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Platformer Collecting Game. Home Game Jam Entry.