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We're making indie games with hexes in em.

Hexes are found often in old school exploratory RPGs, usually as a way of emulating overland travel across large distances between important landmarks in a system called a Hex Crawl. For whatever reason, they are much less common in indie rpgs and story games. This jam wants to challenge that.
After the recent itch megabundle, my friends and I started playing with the wonderful hex-map making app HexKit from Cone of Negative Energy's Cecil Howe. In all likelihood, you got that awesome bundle too and you have the app now whether you knew it or not. Combining that with the awesome artsy and abstract tile set from Nate Treme (also in the bundle), I was inspired to make my own hand-painted and illustrated set of tiles: the World Champ Hex Pack. (There are tons of other packs on DriveThruRPG and Itch as well.)
Now, I want to see what people can do with them.

Go forth and make something using hexes. Entries can include:

  • Standalone games that uses hexes in innovative new ways
  • Packs of tiles for use in HexKit or other mapping software
  • Some other creative thing I can't even think of right now that is hex-based

Here are some rules, please abide:

  • This jam is for tabletop/analog gaming. Digital games will not be accepted.
  • No prejudiced or hateful content will be accepted. Don't make those things in general, definitely don't make them here.
  • You can charge for your game if you want, you don't have to. If you do charge, please consider making community copies available for those who wish to participate but are not financially able.

    • Trading download keys between other entrants is encouraged as well, this is a communal activity and we are all hexploring together.
  • Be sure to check any licensing restrictions on tile packs you use that are not your own.

    • If you make a tile pack for the jam, you are encouraged to include commercial licensing with it so people can use them in their own content and  give you credit, but do whatever you feel is right, I'm not your boss.

This is not a ranked jam, meaning there is no voting or competitive aspect. You're encouraged to use the Community tab at the top of this page to ask questions, brainstorm together, and otherwise team up on your hex-based idea.

There was some internal discussion before making this thing public about making a bundle of games and hex packs when the jam is over to raise money for marginalized people, that still might happen. I'll send out an alert towards the end to gauge participation interest.

This jam was quickly thrown together by Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co with encouragement from The Brain Trust Discord. You can find me on twitter at @WCGameCo and making monthly RPGs on


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More than 14k hexagonal tiles and assets for map and game design.
Six courtiers charm, coerce, and conspire to seize power in the twilight hours of a sovereign's rule.
a collection of painterly hexes for use in the HexKit app
Resist becoming one of Them and find your way home
A 2 player storytelling game about defiance and control
Nebula hex-crawl for Mothership RPG
Co-op Collectable Hex Game
a hexcrawl exploration system for games Forged in the Dark
This RPG system uses a shared hexagonal board and a single d6 for action results
A Hex Collaging Tool
Space photography in hex form
A hex crawl game about draining the environment of magic to power your spells.
A walking game and ritual hex-crawl
Hexagonal battling
Like regular solitaire, but with hexagons!
A solo journaling hexcrawl about a pair of people connecting on a roadtrip
You're given a chance to transcend meet Eden.
A GMless hexcrawl tabletop RPG about recombining aspects of yourself to lift a strange curse.
Worst. Splatoon fan-game. EVER.
Bright hexes and eclectic icons for use with the amazing Hex Kit
A Pixelated tile set for Hex Kit
Planetary surface in hexes
Cyberpunk dog hex-crawl TTRPG