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Have you ever read Spelljammer? Neither have we, but it sounds pretty cool.

To that end, we (Micah Anderson and Anxiety Wizard) have decided to curate a zine based around the idea of writing a setting guide, rules supplements, and bestiaries for a collective setting based on Spelljammer without actually reading it. We will edit submissions for grammar/syntax, but otherwise everything will be original and how you envisioned it!

No paid entries, please. And Anxiety Wizard will be doing the layout of the final piece, so please provide a plaintext file along with your submission!

Entries should be in the following format:



Social media handles


Remember: no sexism, racism, homophobia, or transphobia.

Edit: I've extended the deadline! Now you've got till August 31st to make rad space wizards and aliens.


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A crew of living dead men, cast adrift in space forever
​Strange Foucauldian interplanar visitors
A Simple Planet Generator for Spell Jammin'
A short supplement containing a setting description and ten adventure hooks.
Weird fantasy space opera. Submitted as part of the HexDrive Zine Jam.
A grim encounter in the fabulist void
A vast sea of wreckage floating in the Ether - for HexDrive Zine Jam
Random tables for the HexDrive jam
A system-agnostic TTRPG supplement. Created for the HexDrive Zine Jam
A new Class for (Space)-Fantasy RPGs
How could Spelljammer be anything else?
Submersible adventures in the Deep Aether beyond the fabric of mundane space.
Music for Navigation and Propulsion in the Void
rpg adventure ideas, submission for HexDrive zine
A Moon Archipelago
A bestiary written by Jane Hermiston for the #HexDriveJam
6 unusual engines for fantasy space vehicles