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Have you ever read Spelljammer? Neither have we, but it sounds pretty cool.

To that end, we (Micah Anderson and Anxiety Wizard) have decided to curate a zine based around the idea of writing a setting guide, rules supplements, and bestiaries for a collective setting based on Spelljammer without actually reading it. We will edit submissions for grammar/syntax, but otherwise everything will be original and how you envisioned it!

No paid entries, please. And Anxiety Wizard will be doing the layout of the final piece, so please provide a plaintext file along with your submission!

Entries should be in the following format:



Social media handles


Remember: no sexism, racism, homophobia, or transphobia.

Edit: I've extended the deadline! Now you've got till August 31st to make rad space wizards and aliens.


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A short supplement containing a setting description and ten adventure hooks.
A Simple Planet Generator for Spell Jammin'
A grim encounter in the fabulist void
​Strange Foucauldian interplanar visitors
Weird fantasy space opera. Submitted as part of the HexDrive Zine Jam.
A crew of living dead men, cast adrift in space forever
Submersible adventures in the Deep Aether beyond the fabric of mundane space.
How could Spelljammer be anything else?
A system-agnostic TTRPG supplement. Created for the HexDrive Zine Jam
A new Class for (Space)-Fantasy RPGs
A vast sea of wreckage floating in the Ether - for HexDrive Zine Jam
Music for Navigation and Propulsion in the Void
rpg adventure ideas, submission for HexDrive zine
A bestiary written by Jane Hermiston for the #HexDriveJam
A Moon Archipelago
Random tables for the HexDrive jam
6 unusual engines for fantasy space vehicles