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Welcome to the Heroic Jam. 

A bunch of Marvel nerds decided to team up one day and bring you a contest of skill, bravery, and... the ability to sit for long periods of time. This is the Heroic Jam, a game jam dedicated to superheroes.

The rules of this jam are simple. You can use any game maker or engine, make any type of game, and your team can be any size. Yes, that's right. This contest has barely any rules, but you must remember to have fun. ALL games must involve superheroes.

Important Things to Remember:

1. All characters and worlds featured cannot be from any pre-existing franchises

2. The game can be made using any engine, however it must be playable on Windows 10.

3. Please refrain from including any explicit content. This includes imagery and language, however small amounts of blood are acceptable.

4. People from any skill level can join, from those just beginning their game design journey, to people who've produced many games.

5. You can use premade artwork, but please note that completely original artwork is more appealing to the judges.

6. Please make sure that the game is completely free, or you have a way to provide the judges with a free copy of the game.

When does this take place?

You can enter any time between the 27th of April at 8am PST, to the 17th of May at 3pm.

Are there any prizes?

Unfortunately, no, but you do get the satisfaction of winning, and of course you get bragging rights.

What experience do the judges have?

A few of us have limited experience in game design, however do not be turned off by that. We all have a ton of experience in playing games and even more experience in comics, so we're fully capable of judging your projects.

We do hope you join, as we'd love to see your ideas and projects, and we'd love to run this again next year.

List of Judges:

  • PixelNoir
  • Evans 96
  • IceMoh
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A story driven RPG about a young girl Yi as she travels all cross Lolaura.
Role Playing