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Create a game or comic inspired by the words HELP, HOPE, HEAR

  • Games should be in web playable format (html 5, swf, unity)
  • Comic 'zine' page template ~5" x 8". Suggest 2,4,6, or 8 page increments.

SPECIAL PROMOTION! If you use a song for inspiration from Every Day's Help? Hope? Hear? Album Fallon Braddy of Every Day will choose from the top contenders to become part of a zine distributed to fans at future tours. The zine will contain links to each contributors online portfolio or playable game!
Get inspiration by one or both of the following:

  • Listening to the 6 tracks and accompanying lyrics
  • Reading the artist's inspirations HERE

"...this album is meant to sympathize with brokeness of spirit & bluntly address the destruction of self-centered relationships. It was incredibly painful to write and produce this album, but I feel its harshness in communication has potential to create positive change..." - Fallon Braddy

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