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Games are fun. But what is more fun? Making it! So it is time to appreciate the accessibility of modern high level languages and game engines by creating something... esoteric and probably useless (isn't spending time on useless stuff fun?)!


What is an esoteric language?

What are examples of esoteric languages?



Can I add on to an existing one? You could but isn't it more fun to make it from ground up?

Can groups/teams of more than one person participate? Yes.

Why should I bother? Well you will have something esoteric. If you finish this, you will have a legit programming language made and you can definitely put it on your resume! (nothing will definitely not go wrong. Do it at your own risk).

Can I make more than one submission? Yes!

Are there prizes? Isn't just being THE author of the new language everyone is talking about, enough?

Can you start working on it now? Yes!

Make sure that you post a compiler in the submission so others can experience the fun of using this new esoteric language!

Is posting documentation/examples/source a must have? Not really but would be nice. 

Oh no, I missed deadline! Message jam creator with a link to the project on and we might be able to add it to submissions (no promises though)

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A two dimensional esoteric programming language, made for "Esoteric Hello World! Jam 2017"
esoteric language simulating the sound of Rice Crispies