Submissions open from 2023-04-03 01:00:00 to 2023-04-17 05:00:00
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Welcome to Hedgejam! At the beginning of every month (kinda), I hold a game jam that commences for two weeks! Afterwards, there is a one week rating period where people try each other's games for fun and feedback, followed by a week of nothing so everyone can relax! Whether you’re a programmer, artist, and/or designer, the jam is open to everyone and anyone who wants to make a game in two weeks!


The theme is...

To be voted on in the Discord below,  then randomly chosen and announced at the start of the jam!


After the jam, there is a 6 day voting period. The criteria your game will be rated on are the following:

  • Enjoyment - Was the game innately enjoyable?
  • Theme - How well does it fit the theme?
  • Presentation - This includes graphics, audio, UI, etc
  • Creativity - Was the game clever enough to surprise you?


  • You can team up with anyone of any age from anywhere, or work alone if you prefer
  • It starts the first week of every month and runs for two weeks!
  • The community votes on potential themes, which is then randomly chosen from!
  • You can use any engine and any tool as long as it exports to a Windows build OR an HTML5 build. Mac and Linux are optional if you’d like.
  • Once the voting period begins, you cannot change the game or link to other versions. Only what’s available on itch will be played and judged
  • No racism, sexism, or any form of discrimination in the jam or submissions!
  • There is a grace period for submissions for technical difficulties when exporting your game! Please contact me through Discord so we can resolve your submission!


Why HedgeJam?

I started a project called Brontefy Me this past year, which was mildly unsuccessful. The goal was to get into the rhythm of constantly making games whether that was weekly or bi-weekly. A viewer noticed that I was more productive with game jams and suggested I hold my own jam instead, and here we are!

Are there prizes?

Only the glory of being the winner! Plus, getting highlighted in my post-jam video!

Checkout the last jam's highlight video here: TBA

What about feedback?

I will be playing all (or as many as I possibly can) submissions on stream to help give feedback! I feel that seeing someone's live reaction is incredibly informative when seeing how your game plays outs. And in general, I try to be as helpful as possible!

What can I use?

Anything! From Unity or Unreal, to Godot or Pico-8. As long as it exports to a Windows or HTML5 build, you're good to go! 

Can I use pre-existing code?

Yes! You can use pre-existing code for general purposes, plus libraries and functions of that sort. But please don't write code beforehand that's specific to this jam, aka write the majority of your game within the given timeframe!

What about assets?

Use any assets you have legal right to. If you use external assets (music, art), please credit where appropriate!

I need a team!

Not to fear! Join the discord below and look for teammates on the server!

Where do I vote on themes?

In the Discord server!

The HedgeSpace