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In your game you submit here,  the main character is hunting the antagonists while being hunted by other antagonists. Their friend has inconvenient powers that not only suck but do unintentional harm. The main character is trapped in another world. Everything. Is. Chaotic.

Major Plots

Urban legend tells of an insanely powerful warrior and his animal companion, whom the protagonists eventually meet. The worlds are at war. The year is 6652, and the protagonist is eventually betrayed by their inconveniently-powered "friend".

Major Genres

There will be FPS segments, an MMO setting and sandbox features (e.g. from Minecraft).

Major Points of Gameplay

You can use enemies as weapons via throws. There are some bullet-hell missions. You always have choices. There will also be a level editor in the full version. No matter what, one thing remains the same...

A true ending has specific conditions.
A good ending has one less requirement.
A bad ending has less than the good one.