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THE GAYS LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Haunted Rainbow Jam, a time of ghoulish delight as we navigate the upcoming spooky night. I hope you all are ready for plenty of LGBTQA+ goodness as I certainly know my body is. So let's all gather together and add some color to this All Hallows Eve! This is the first jam I'm running solo so please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or tea to dish (no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade).

Grand Ghoul of Horror, Horde Favorite, and True Mad Scientist will all win a copy of TyranoBuilder. Scariest Sound Design and Most Ghoulish Graphics will win a $10 steam gift card. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE HERE FOR ANY PRIZE UPDATES!

What are Rainbow Jams?

Well that's a fair questions. Rainbow Jams are my answer to being annoyed at not hearing LGBTQA+ and minority stories. Its my answer to wanting to see more games created by those same people. We do exist out there even if people whisper about our mythical and magical unicorn powers. And I'd like to see more of us reflected in games, and as game creators. So from now on I will be hosting a Rainbow Jam a month to help fuel that avalanche of creation of games that reflect us.

So therefore the only rule to Rainbow Jams are that your game must focus on LGBTQA+ and/or minorities OR the experiences of those groups.

You don't have to finish the game to submit it. Unfinished works or demos are allowed, encouraged, and accepted! Completeing the work for the jam isn't a requirement just creating one is.

Theme : Unexpected Terrors

Its time to get scary! Go outside the box of what is traditionally a Halloween game, explore what is creepy, and experiment with what we find scary. Give me suspense, give me surprise, give me twists and turns.

Award Categories

  1. Grand Ghoul of Horror: The Best Game of Haunted Rainbow Jam
  2. Horde Favorite: The Fan Favorite
  3. True Mad Scientist: The Most Innovative Game
  4. Most Ghoulish Graphics: Best Graphics
  5. Scariest Sound Design: Best Game Soundtrack
  6. Most Immersive Game: It Just Sucks You In and Won't Let You Leave
  7. Gave Me A Heart Attack: The Game with the Most Heart Pounding Terror
  8. Best Mental Horror: The Game with the Best Psychological Horror
  9. Spine Tinglingest: The Game that Keeps You On Your Toes
  10. Most Unexpected Scare: The Scare that Came Out of Nowhere