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Hardcore Punk Jam was started to build a sense of community in as much of anti-consumerist framework as humanly possible. At its crux, games are the communication of ideas through interaction and rules. This jam serves as a catalyst for the emphasis of politically challenging expression, a search for truth and the rejection of conventional culture. Push boundaries, break conventions and express yourself. If you have something that you're too afraid to say, this is the place to do it. No judgement, no egos, no bullshit. Anything goes!

Announced in our Discord server on Friday 10th September (5pm GMT)

10 diversifiers in addition to the theme will be also announced. 

The HCPJ diversifiers are voluntary and secondary to the theme. They aim to motivate more experienced game jammers towards creating a second layer of constraint in order to push developers in interesting creative directions.

- Don't overwork yourself for the sake of this jam, this is a casual and free creative space for personal expression and growth -
- Rest well, eat clean and drink water -
- Anything else goes -

- You will have a 48 hour window to submit something here on -
- You can submit both digital and non-digital games -
- You can use any game engine and for any platform -
- You can submit as many entries as you like -
- You can use your own bands music if you like -
- You can use borrowed assets from asset stores -
- You can work alone or with a group -

Starts- Friday 10th September (5pm GMT)
Ends - Sunday 12th September (5pm GMT)

The Punk Singer
What Makes a Game Punk?

There Is No Authority But Yourself

We have an open door policy, feel free to invite your friends and join our Discord community!


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Punks Tinder with undercover cops!
Card Game
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Zine & Solo Keepsake Journaling sort of game on alcohol consumption awarness
Hedgehog finds his passion
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skateboard around the park, knocking some sense into people
A Quick, Simple Survey that definately doesn't include any dark turns!
Of every trio, there is a liar. The liar may not leave purgatory. Built for Hardcore Punk Jam 3.
Interactive Fiction
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Get so drunk that you throw up on Evil Corp's headquarters
"No animal shall drink alcohol TO EXCESS."
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Stop the Minister of Lies with your Fist of Honesty!
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A simulation game where your part of a movement and your managing your actions that effect your governments actions!
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