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The First ever gamemaker tool jam! I think...

We all use tools. Some of us even make our own tools for our projects. Tools are useful.  Let's make some tools!


Often times when making games, you need to make a tool to help with a specific task.  Whether it's a level editor to allow you to easily build your game the way you need to, or allowing players to use their own art in your game, tools are everywhere.

So we're challenging you to make a tool in 4 days!  It can be any kind of tool, so long as it's considered an editor.  So particle editors, hitbox editors, or a slime editor!  (Because who doesn't love slimes)


  • UI (User Interface)
  • UX (User Experience)
  • Usefulness
  • Effectiveness
  • Originality
  • Overall


  1. A copy of GMLive by YellowAfterlife
  2. A copy of Aseprite by David Capello
  3. A copy of GeonFX by NOD Group

ALSO! Jobo is giving a way a free copy of Realistic Explosions Pack on the Marketplace to EVERY PARTICIPANT! How about that!
More info about it here

WE AREN'T DONE YET! During the whole duration of the jam, the folks at the NOD Group will be having a 30% off sale for GEON FX!
So don't miss out on that!


  • Your tool MUST be considered an editor
  • You MUST use GameMaker (any version is fine)
  • You can use ImGuiGML by rousr
  • Your tool must be a standalone executable (feel free to include the source though!)
  • Teams are allowed of up to 4 people
  • You cannot use tools you have previously made

Join the /r/GameMaker Discord to find teammates and talk!

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A standalone editor for making retro jump sound effects!
For the alchemist enthusiasts!
Generate Pixel art gun sprites for your games
Makes everything slightly off
Run in browser
Easily create tileable tiles for your game!
Lighting Editor to create a lighting engine for GMS
A Camera Making Editor For Game Maker.
Because this is definitely what we need in our lives