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Theme: Unlimited Power!

Welcome to HackTheMidlands 5.0's Game Jam!

Taking place October 22nd-25th 2020.

HackTheMidlands is a yearly hackathon hosted in the UK, we've been running this event for free since 2015, with the sole focus on supporting creation. We want to help you to get inspired, to work with other passionate people, and to have fun doing it.

While the prevelence of COVID-19 means we won't be running in person this year, we're experimenting with a fully virtual event, complete with a brand new Game Development track, alongside GameDevNetwork.   

Q: What game engine can I use?
A: Any!

Q: Can I use assets?
A: Feel free to use any FREE publically available assets, though please disclose the source!

Q: Is there a team size limit?
A: Yes! The max team size is 4. 

HackTheMidlands is open to anyone, anywhere! 

You do not need to be based in the UK, have attended our previous events, or even need any game jam/hackathon experience.
Whether you are a complete beginner or industry veteran, you can get started by taking the following steps:

1) Sign up for the game jam at the top of this page
2) Register for a ticket here (it's free!):
3) Join the HackTheMidlands Discord server:

We will be using Discord as our main platform for announcements, events, and followups

We'll be doing a bunch of cool stuff over the course of the event, to name a few:

  • A very cool livestream 
  • Workshops/talks
  • Mini events during the jam
  • Find-A-Team bot
  • Mentors offering support/expertise
  • A bunch of other awesome attendees to meet/chat to!

GameDevNetwork is an online gamedev community based on Discord for anyone interested in the games industry. 
Whether you're a complete beginner or AAA veteran, we're here to help! Whether you're looking to get support for your project, join an indie team, or get feedback on a new feature, we have a channel for that ๐ŸŽ‰

Join the Discord Community here:

Want to find a team? We have a few ways to help you get started! 

Option 1) Team Formation Bot

For this event, GameDevNetwork is trialing a brand new way to find teams, handled entirely via Discord! 
The proccess:

  1. Join the GameDevNetwork Discord:
  2. Hit the ๐Ÿ“ง emoji in #find-a-team
  3. Select "HackTheMidlands" and fill in your profile info
  4. Wait to be matched with a team!

Option 2) Looking For Members

The HackTheMidlands Discord server will be hosting two channels for finding teams:

    #looking-for-members: If you already have a team, and are looking for additional members.

    #looking-for-team: If you don't have a team already, consider joining one currently forming! 

SuPRIZE! In addition to some of our coolest holographic gamedev stickers / GDN pins, we'll be awarding the winning team with a super special mystery prize ๐Ÿ‘€

While we will be offering a few prizes for the jam, the focus of HackTheMidlands is having fun with your project! 
Our aim is to make HTM as fun for as many participants as possible ๐Ÿ’“


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Junkington - A City Sim where it's all about the Junk
Play in browser
A simple game of life with random twists and turns from a team of newbie python programmers!
Project submission for the Hack the Midlands 5.0 Game Jam with the theme of "Unlimited Power"
Dragon fights for survival to gain unlimited power from the sun.
For HackTheMidlands Jam 2020 - Theme: Unlimited Power
Play in browser
You may have unlimited power in your hands... but can you stop a zombie horde with it?
An educational game with a few laughs along the way!
a game for gamejam HTM
GameJam Project for the HackTheMidlands 5.0
Play in browser
Play in browser
Help Kapo Achieve UNLIMITED POWER to survive his nigtmares!
Play in browser
A cooperative online multiplayer game about managing a spaceship
Play in browser