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Welcome to #Hackerjam2017!

This Game Jam is all about making new games that extend your programming, design, art or music skills and knowledge to the limit! And not to forget, the best part, having fun together!


We know that masterpieces take time, so this jam extends over two weeks:


You're already there! The jam will be hosted here online at between the dates shown above!

Though it is highly recommended you also share this Jam and your game on Twitter using the hash tag: #Hackerjam2017


The goal of the jam is to create a game with the theme “Hacking”. You can use whatever programming language or tools that you wish. With no other restrictions on graphics, sound, 2D or 3D, The game is completely in your hands! More can be found out in the FAQ below.

So, Is there any prizes?

There are no prizes for this jam. Only the enjoyment of friendly competition within a great community, the experience of challenging oneself in new ways and to gain knowledge and inspiration!

Theme and Rules

As you probably already have noticed... You’re supposed to make a game that’s related somehow to “Hacking”, and you may work however you want, with whatever tools you’d like and with anyone you want.


  • Must I strictly follow the theme blindly? No, you can of course make your own twist.
  • Can I work with a team: Yes!
  • Can I submit more than one game: Yes if you have time and energy :)
  • What language or tools can I use? Anything you want.
  • Are there restrictions on sound or music? No.
  • What existing assets can I use? While the idea behind game jams is mostly to create original assets and build it from scratch, you're still accelited to use assets that you have the legal rights to use, and it's always nice to credit the author even if you don't need to!

Inspiration and Idea suggestions

Please notice that i do not take any credit for any of these images, they are all found on google and are only listed here as an collection gallery to gain inspiration from! Each image is linked to source website!

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A hacker that needs to destroy all viruses to save the world
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