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yep this is a weird time to post this video, Jan, but the jam this video inspired (that is this jam) will be in November when we're all alive and we're all less of the anthropomorphized loci of destruction we in every present moment feel ourselves to be and welcome the idea of creating for the world an experience that's hangman adjacent, if not find the Destiny of Hangman itself.

"Hangman is a weird game."

Hangman games are any game checking maybe three of these boxes:

  • Drawn and Destroyed After Use
  • About The Death Penalty
  • Accommodates Any Number of Players
  • Completable Within Recess
  • 5 Lines: a Story
  • Foretells the Future
  • Suspense Collage
  • Good Habits Encouraged (Like Spelling)
  • Bad Habits Explored (Like Killing)
  • Weirdly Asymmetric

Consequentially, these games might share in similar themes:

  • Children's Sketches
  • Impressing Friends
  • Hellos and Goodbyes
  • Othered Feelings
  • City Ghosts
  • Attention Crimes
  • Bystander Syndrome
  • Leaving Legacies
  • Morning After Dawn

Find hangman anywhere in your mind and draw it out of you in whatever condition you find it. Using whatever tools you have at your fingertips when you come across your hangman.  Do not engage with any hangman that would attack, injure, or damage people and other things responding to a name. If you cannot be with family and loved ones this season, feel welcome here and corroborate shared feelings and emotions should this in any way offer you solace.