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Games Wales - GWJam 2017


What better way to break into the Game Development community of Cardiff than with a Game Jam?

Welcome to the Cardiff GWJam 2017

  • From now to next meet-up: prepare to pitch your idea(s),
  • Brainstorming meet-up (25/10/2017) :  present, get feedback on your idea(s) and team up! [see below]
  • From then to next meet-up: develop your game!
  • Showcase Meet-up (29/11/2017): present and showcase your game! [see below]
  • From then to 13/12/2017: vote!

The theme is:

Two is better than one

The aim of this Game Jam is to stimulate ideas and discussions, encourage members to team up and get to all share a feeling of achievement at the end of the journey!

Rules and advice:

  • Any Game Engine is allowed. 
  • Your game should run without requiring the end user to install dependencies.
  • You can use pre-made assets or reuse your own. 
  • You can reuse pieces of code from previous project. 
  • Only the core of the game (the gameplay) need to be absolutely original.
  • A winner will be designated through votes.
  • Teaming up will give you a bonus vote (details below).
  • Please consider submitting a version of the game for Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • HTML5 is a great option to attract more voters as people can play it directly on the game's webpage. 


Bring your idea(s) at the next meet-up in Cardiff (25/10/2017)! Or you can just bring yourself and discuss other’s ideas.

We invite everyone to pitch the idea(s) they came up with. Don’t be shy, small, big, funny, bad, great, crippled, ambitious, weird, two-minute huddled, one-week polished, still wet from-the-shower, or from-the-toilet, all ideas are welcome!

Everyone will be given 5 min and we’ll provide a projector if you wish to show your ideas off.

After this round of pitches, we will have time for some more beers and more casual discussion of our ideas. It will be the opportunity to go speak and team up with people you liked the idea of.

At the end of the night, people are invited to register their team (1-4 persons) to the GWJam on this website (

Its worth noting that you shouldn't take any criticism too seriously and/or feedback too personal. We are all coming for inspiration, team up and fun!


Bring your  game to the following meet-up in Cardiff (29/11/2017), hopefully!

Every team will be given 8 min to pitch their game and showcase the gameplay with one person (or more) who is not from the team. After this round of showcase, we can all have a beer, discuss, go try a game!

But don’t forget, before the 13/11/2017, every team needs to vote for another team (an online board will be made available). Any team that forgets to vote will be eliminated (to avoid unfairness).

The organisers will give a bonus vote for teams that have successfully mixed together ideas of different members of the team (only based on ideas that where presented in Part 1). This is to encourage team work and exchange.

The results will be announced on the Games Wales website.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us via Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you can find us. Good luck!

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