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In times likes these, with all of the crisis the world is facing, rather than absorb positive, upbeat content about how everything is going to be okay, I like to curl up and read one of my favorite dystopian stories. I like to revel in the darkness and the absurdity of all of the problems our world formerly or currently is facing being pushed to their absolute extremes. 1984 style totalitarian regimes, radioactive wastelands, worlds rotting away at their very cores with little hope of things getting better. Worlds where things are so over the top  horrible that you can't help but laugh.


The Grimdark Hopeless Game Jam of Doom is a Game Jam where you must make games that are dark, pessimistic, and grim. Have fun while reveling in over the top, soul crushing, darkness! You can go the route of making serious games that use the darkness to convey serious themes and messages, or you can be less serious and use the ridiculously over the top grimness to make more darkly comedic  games! There won't be any specific extra theme or challenge, so feel free to make any idea you can think of that fits the basic premise!

Some more details

This Game Jam won't be ranked; it isn't meant to be a competition and is just about creating new interesting pieces of art, and more importantly having a little fun tapping into our dark sides!

Your game can  be a video game, a tabletop game, or something else  that stretches the very definition of game!

This is intended to be a very casual event, so you can feel free to spend as much or as little time as you want on your submission, and releasing an incomplete game is perfectly fine! I'd still like to see what you've come up with! After the jam is over I plan on checking out every entry and giving each of them an in depth review, and I encourage anyone who joins the jam to do the same.

While bigotry is an element of many great dystopian works(generally to mock such views), any actual bigots who join this jam and use their entry to spread their hateful views may have their game removed from the jam.

If you want to find other people to make a team project, share any progress you've made on your game, share other things you've made, ask me any questions, or just hang out, then you can join the Discord server here

That's basically it! So get to your fallout shelters, prepare your blood sacrifices, and give thanks to Big Brother, because it's to make some games!


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A taxi driver, a girl and memories.
Visual Novel
Poe Inspired Solo Tabletop RPG
a small role-playing game of esoteric scifi bog horror
A dead city for a dying world on the edge of the wilderness
A Wretched & Alone Game in which you create your magnum opus, a most profane grimoire
A solo journaling game about a struggling artist [Wretched & Alone]
A selection of four apocalyptic bosses for MÖRK BORG
A one-page mini-adventure about demon-inhabited skeletons wrapped in people skin.
Find your brother somewhere in the post-soviet city's district