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Two men enter. Two men leave with an appreciation for a handheld featuring a screen capable of multiple shades of sickly green, a CPU designed by a man taking an axe to a Z80 datasheet, and a princely eight kilobytes of RAM.

This is emphatically not a serious jam: it's an excuse to tinker with old consoles and skim Geocities tutorials to figure out why your code isn't compiling. If you go past the deadline, that's fine. If you made your game by following a tutorial and hastily drawing goats on every sprite, good for you! If you end up submitting a 200-page design document instead of a game - excellent!


Target platform: Original Game Boy, ideally with a bulky magnifier or a weird bendy pen light barely illuminating the screen

Must feature at least 1 (one) goat in your game


C and Z80 assembly are the order of the day - C is slower but a little easier to get going.

  • For C development: GBDK 
  • For Z80 assembly: RGBDS 

BGB seems to be the best emulator with a debugger available.


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An arena shooter for the original Game Boy