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Summer is upon us, apparently. So let us jam and make games about the beautiful thing that is the British Summertime! Think seagulls, fish n chips, drizzle, the options are endless!

This is lighthearted and comedic jam, and entries will be rated on their level of Britishness and their humour, as well as fun and gameplay. The games can have any kind of graphics or mechanics, so long as they, in their little hearts, encapsulate what it is to experience a British summer, be that in a flooded field at Glastonbury, sunburnt on the English Riveria, or enjoying that mythical one day of sunshine they talk about up north.

Here are some useful notes on The British Seaside and British Weather

And some pictures of a typical English seaside!

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Get stuck in traffic from the comfort of your own keyboard.
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A physics based sandcastle smasher.
chip shop clicker
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